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Proven Commerce Technology to Help You Win

If you’re looking for battle-tested digital commerce products, you’re in the right place. Whether provided directly through partners or composed of various modules, our commerce products are market leaders. Each commerce technology tool is created or selected based on years of working with some of the industry’s most shining stars.

How We Help

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack


Pre-packaged e-commerce solutions

Enabling speed to value and top-notch performance right from the start.


Complete modern commerce infrastructure

Including technology solutions for information management, customer loyalty, retail stores and more.


Integration expertise

We’ll connect the dots to ensure data flows seamlessly between systems and tools.


Handpicked and vetted by our experts

A partner network of best-of-breed solutions for each category, carefully selected by our experienced team.


Pre-Packaged E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce technology packages can help kick-start your next e-commerce project. And you can trust they’ll deliver stability in the long run. Both packages are built on best practice learnings and tens of thousands of development hours.

Avensia Nitro


Avensia Nitro is built on Optimizely’s scalable commerce platform. Adding a best practice code base and pre-built connections it offers market-leading site speed right from the start. As well as a stable foundation for long-term growth.

Avensia Excite


Avensia Excite leverages flexible, modular architecture with commercetools powerful solution at its core. With pre-connected components and a starter site package it allows you to initiate your composable commerce journey without the heavy lifting.

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More Than E-Commerce

The online purchase transaction may take place within the walls of an e-commerce platform. But your modern commerce infrastructure contains so much more. That’s why we’ve gathered and connected all the technology to help your business win, including tools for:

And much more...

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Connected and Relevant Solutions

Because no solution works at its best in isolation, we help you ensure solid integrations and efficient processes to support your end-to-end modern commerce infrastructure.

Rest assured, we always recommend the tools that make sense for you. Because trendy tech only works if it’s relevant. Leverage our expert team to:

  • Evaluate current and new technology tools
  • Determine the tech setup that best supports your business objectives
  • Implement, connect and optimize tools to fit your business processes

Best-in-Class Partner Solutions

At Avensia we constantly evaluate partner solutions that can bring additional value to our customers. We carefully select a few vendors in each area of modern commerce and only recommend the tools that make sense to your business. Because trendy tech only works if it’s relevant.

Our Modern Commerce Partner Eco-System


A next-generation commerce platform built for agile organizations leveraging a composable setup and MACH architecture


A comprehensive yet flexible commerce platform with exceptional performance and scalability.


The leading composable content platform (CMS) enabling full control of your content across channels and audiences with unrivalled speed, flexibility and scalability


An end-to-end customer experience platform allowing you to collect and store all customer data so that you can drive growth with better, more personal and relevant communication.


Powerful product information management (PIM) solution enabling consistent, accurate product information throughout the commerce experience


A global leader in data management supporting our most complex PIM and MDM cases with a robust enterprise solution built to manage large data volumes with ease and flexibility.

Bluestone PIM

The MACH-powered cloud PIM solution is a perfect fit if you’re using a composable commerce approach or if you want to make business more agile.


The sales and marketing platform for B2B businesses enables a 360 degree view of leads and customers for a fully digital and efficient sales process.


How to Assess If Composable Commerce Is Right for Your Business

This white paper will demystify the world of composable commerce, helping you to assess whether it’s right for your business.

Let’s Talk Commerce Tech for Your Business!

With experience from hundreds of customer projects, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs.

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