B2B E-Commerce Solutions for Your Business

The B2B environment is changing faster than ever. Customers are increasingly buying through digital channels, often withour any human interaction. Can you cater for your customers' digital demand? At Avensia we have the knowledge and solutions to support your digital transformation and help you create longstanding, profitable customer relationships. 

Digitize Complex B2B Sales Processes

Not only are modern B2B customers comfortable with digital and remote buying journeys - they prefer them. Perhaps more importantly, the amount they’re willing to spend without ever interacting with a sales rep has massively increased.

The demand for digitalization has changed B2B buying beyond recognition. And what’s pushing the boundaries? Automation and personalization. This reality underpins every B2B e-commere solution and strategy our B2B team creates.

Common challenges for B2B companies:
  • Complex sales processes are not easily translated to a digital environment
  • A large number of different sales channels including reseller networks
  • Increasing demand from customers for digital channels and tools
  • Lack of digital transformation readiness in the organization
  • A multitude of different, isolated, systems, processes and information sources

We help you establish a holistic view of your business and sales process to understand where digital tools can bring the most value, what to prioritize and how different solutions should be connected in order to maximize value. Then, we work together with your team to make it happen.



Powerful B2B E-Commerce Solutions

We’ve helped many B2B businesses to successfully drive digital transformation turning complex sales processes into smooth, efficient and digital customer experiences. 

We take a holistic approach to understand your business and recommend the most relevant solutions:

  • A data deep-dive. We start by analyzing your customer and sales data to understand how digitalization and B2B e-commerce can help drive efficiency and future-proof your business. 
  • Information management assessment. Our product data experts review your data models, processes and infrastructure. Secure, accurate and efficient information management is the foundation for successful B2B e-commerce.
  • Change management. Our seasoned advisors know the power of uniting every department of your organization behind your digital transformation. So we work to ensure that digital disruption isn’t too disruptive.

Case: Ahlsell

Customized Experiences in Ahlsell's B2B E-commerce

Avensia helped Ahlsell to build an advanced, future-proof e-commerce solution that offers personalized content and caters to hundreds of different use cases.

What Can B2B E-Commerce Learn From B2C?

B2B sales and marketing are typically treated differently from B2C. But with rapid digitalization, those distinctions are blurring. It's important to remember that your coporate buyers are also consumers who are used to, and enjoy, shopping and managing relationships through e-commerce, web tools and mobile apps. The customer expectations on digital sales and communication are higher than ever before.

Complex B2B sales processes are not the same as B2C e-commerce. But there may be learnings that businesses looking to invest in B2B e-commerce can leverage, especially when it comes to the buying experience, customer loyalty and omnichannel strategies.

Our B2B solutions combine industry-specific strategies with cutting-edge tech to create the experiences your buyers now expect – like fast load times and detailed product information. It's a model based on years of experiences working with some of the most ambitious B2C e-commerce businesses. And it has already helped a number of Avensia's B2B customers to accelerate digital transformation and growth.

White Paper: The B2B Guide to Modern Commerce

Digital B2B sales is in constant transformation. New channels, buying behaviors and changes appear at high pace with a younger, more tech savvy generation raising the bar. Download this guide to learn hands-on tips to get started with your digital transformation.

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