Master Data Management Solutions

MDM – three little letters that can completely transform your decision making. Your business likely has tons of data from lots of sources, but data is about quality, not quantity. How you manage that data will make all the difference. Our MDM solutions turn confusing data into meaningful information to help you make profit-boosting decisions.

Turn Your Data Chaos Into Cohesive Customer Experiences

What is an MDM system?

MDM (Master Data Management) is a business process for establishing, finding, integrating and managing multiple types of data that exists in scattered locations within a large organization or company.

As opposed to a PIM solution that only focuses on product information, an MDM system can manage multiple types of data, including product, customer and employee data. As such, an MDM project takes a holistic approach to data management across the organization. Once a shared solution and process is in place the business will benefit from increased data quality, control and agility.

Why is MDM so Important for You?

Data is the driving force behind decisions that strengthen your business. When valuable user data is gathered and properly analyzed, it can provide powerful insights into ways to improve the customer experience for your brand. The right MDM solution can help you do just that. Our MDM solutions will help you centralize and improve the quality of your data. Once everything is in place you’ll have full control of data and be in a perfect position to make the right decisions that will drive stronger sales and customer retention for your business.


MDM Solutions With Limitless Benefits for You

The amount of data that businesses collect and store is growing at an exponential rate. But without cohesive master data management strategies, all that data is largely useless.

The MDM strategies and systems we implement gather data from all kinds of systems including ERP, CRM and the web, and standardize it centrally. All that raw data is transformed into structured data in real-time, using rules and AI. More importantly, it’s unified and accessible to you.

As a result, your MDM gives you meaningful, usable information for important business decisions. After all, any business decisions made without data to back them up are just educated guesses.

Among a vast array of benefits, our MDM strategies and systems will help you:

  • Build a 360-degree view of your customer
  • Unite customer insights and experiences online and offline
  • Increase the relevance of products and services you offer
  • Optimize conversion and boost sales 
  • Increase operational efficiencies across the organization
  • Improve your branding and marketing
  • Use customer master data management to improve customer experiences

Case Study: A Tailor-Made Digital Strategy for Master Data Management and Business Value

Avensia helped BAMA design a new data governance model, tailor-made for their needs, create new processes and execute an extensive data cleanup.

Powered by Syndigo – a Global MDM Leader

Syndigo (former Riversand) offers cloud-native master data management solutions that support digital transformation journeys.


The SaaS MDM platform uses a growing number of out-of-the-box apps in the master data management space that cater to multiple industries. We’re proud to be a key Syndigo partner, with extensive experience implementing master data management platforms, as well as MDM strategies and advisory services.

Ready to go From Chaos to Clarity?

With experience from hundreds of information management projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

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