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Partnership takes us further than we can go alone. We are privileged to partner with field experts in modern commerce, covering a large stack of technologies for e-commerce, information management, customer experience, marketplaces and digital platforms.

Solution Partners

Episerver logo
Optimizely (Episerver)

Customer-centric platform that combines best-in-class content management and robust commerce. Explore ›

commercetools logo

Cloud commerce platform, for future-proof modern commerce. Explore ›

Apptus logo

A self-taught, integrated web service for e-commerce that completes and extends your merchandising capacity. Explore ›

inRiver logo

Enables professionals to manage perfect product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. Explore ›

Riversand logo

A cloud SaaS platform enabling you to work smarter with data and win in the marketplace. Explore ›

Voyado logo

A complete customer loyalty platform that joins all your customer data with world-class analysis and communication tools. Explore ›

Mirakl logo

The Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a turn-key solution that’s easy to integrate into any ecommerce platform. Explore ›

Microsoft logo

All digital commerce solutions that we deliver are built using the Microsoft .NET software development platform. Explore ›


Contentful helps enterprises accelerate building digital experiences, and manage them at scale. Explore ›

Payment solutions

Klarna logo

Payment solutions including direct payment, different types of "try first and pay later" solutions and installments. Explore ›

collector bank logo
Collector Bank

A digital niche bank developing financial solutions for individuals and companies. Explore ›

Sitoo logo

A world-leading Unified Commerce platform with a Point of Sale (POS) for global retailers. Explore ›

DIBS logo
DIBS Payment

One of the top payment processors in Europe and keeps focus on making it easier and more intuitive for customers to handle digital payments. Explore ›

DAM solutions


Develops innovative  digital asset management software for easy search, management, sharing and repurposing of digital files. Explore ›

QBank logo

A DAM SaaS solution that makes your communication more connected and efficient. Explore ›

Enhanced customer experience solutions

Quicksearch logo

Combines systems and knowledge for ongoing surveys that quickly creates measureable results and provide long-term success. Explore ›

Apica logo

Helps companies with a complex IT infrastructure monitor business critical applications and API's. Explore ›

New relic logo
New Relic

An observability platform built to help engineers create more perfect software. Explore ›

Nosto logo

A commerce experience platform - an integrated suite of data-fueles personalization and merchandising solutions. Explore ›

Touchtech logo

Strategic technology partner focusing on digitalizing the customer journey in stores and showrooms worldwide. Explore ›

Ingrid logo

Solutions for offering your consumers convenience through credibility - in all purchase stages. Explore ›

Omnium logo
Omnium OMS

Bridges the gap between online and in-store commerce and helps retailers create a true omnichannel experience for their customers. Explore ›

Test freaks logo
Test Freaks

Focusing on helping retailers and brands to grow with the help of their customers, with product reviews as the core. Explore ›


E-commerce marketing platform  empowering brands to save time and create smarter, higher-converting experiences. Explore ›

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