Management Team

The Avensia management team brings innovative leadership and a diverse skillset. Together, we’re dedicated to seeing people succeed. Our passion is to create synergy by building up individual strengths into a stronger whole – creating a bright future in modern commerce for our colleagues, customers and communities.


Robin Gustafsson
acting CEO
0736 - 60 60 82

Robin was Avensia's CEO between 2011-2018 and is also co-founder of the company. He has a background as a consultant within software development and structural mechanics. Today's Robin is a board member in several companies like CoolStuff AB, Habo Gruppen.

Robin holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from LTH. 

Holdings in Avensia: 1 911 935 shares


Anders Wehtje
Chief Financial Officer

Anders has been with Avensia since 2005 when he joined the company as a member of the board. In 2020, Anders joined the management team as the CFO of Avensia. Prior to joining Avensia, Anders held several positions as CFO or CEO in various industries and companies over a period of app. 20 years (AMW Holding GmbH, EstLine, UPS, McDonalds, Volito and Allokton). Anders has also spent app. 10 years as entrepreneur in East Africa.

Anders has a bachelor´s degree from Stockholm School of Economics.

Holdings in Avensia: 3 765 000 shares.


Fredrik André
Chief Marketing Officer

Fredrik has been with Avensia since Jan 2020. Before that, Fredrik was VP Global Marketing at Medius. Fredrik has 20+ years experience from various marketing and sales management positions in the tech and logistic industry, including Visma, AP Moller Maersk and Autodesk.

He holds a master in marketing and a BSc in Construction.

Holdings in Avensia: 16 200 shares.


Andreas Wullrich
Chief Operating Officer

Andreas joined Avensia in Oct 2020. Prior to joining the company, Andreas was Services Practice Lead at Microsoft Sweden. Before that he was with Netlight and he also has several years of experience from Connecta and Linq Systems in different managerial functions focusing on growth and expansion.

He has studied Computer Science and Math at Umeå University.

Holdings in Avensia: 5 000 shares.


Åsa Afshari
Chief People Officer

Åsa joined Avensia in Jan 2018. Prior to joining the company, Åsa was HR Manager at IKEA IT. Before that she was with Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft studio and she also has several years of experience from company EMS ekonomi och Personal as HR consultant.

She has a Bachelor degree in Social Science from Linné University in Växjö.

Holdings in Avensia: 41 000 shares


Fredrik Esplund
Chief Sales Officer

Fredrik has been with Avensia since Apr 2020. Prior to joining the company, Fredrik was Enterprise Account Manager at Amazon Web Services. Before that he was with Microsoft in various Delivery and Sales roles for 20+ years..

He completed High School at Nacka Gymnasium, Sweden.

Holdings in Avensia: 0 shares.


Kristian Hagset
Chief Growth Officer

Kristian has been with Avensia since Mar 2015. Prior to joining the company, Kristian has had different leading positions within the e-Commerce industry since 1999 at companies like Wipcore, Nordic eCommerce Knowledge, Intershop and Powa. Kristian's role prior to being appointed as CGO was VP Business Development.

He has a MSc Economics degree from Linné University in Växjö.

Holdings in Avensia: 71 715 shares.


Anders Ekdahl
Chief Technology Officer

Anders joined Avensia in Jun 2015. Prior to joining the company, Anders was a Senior Engineer at Sony Mobile. Before that he was with Erisma Technologies and he also has several years of experience within e-commerce and mobile development.

He studied Computer Science at Pauliskolan in Malmö.

Holdings in Avensia: 2 820 shares.


Nina Quist
Business Management Director

Nina has been with Avensia since May 2020. Prior to joining the company, Nina was heading up a B2B Customer Success Centre at Visma. Nina has 15+ years of experience from various senior management positions, both nationally and internationally, at Ericsson and Sony.

She has a BSc in Business Administration from Linné University in Växjö.

Holdings in Avensia: 3 000 shares.

At Avensia

We are here to define Modern Commerce

As modern commerce is constantly changing and adapting to new situations, we must push the boundaries of what is possible. For us, defining modern commerce happens as we continuously invent it and reinvent it. Together with our customers we find the edge in modern commerce.

Extended management team

Johan Liljeros

General Manager
North America

Tor Eivind Aurdal

General Manager

Cate Trotter

General Manager
Insider Trends, UK

Jörgen Bertilsson

VP & General Manager
Avensia Philippines

Henrik Sellberg

acting VP Business Unit Commerce

Åsa Lundin

VP Business Unit Information Management

Tobias Bergström

VP Busniess Unit Strategy

Thomas Bergström

VP Delivery & Client Success

Patrik Sundquist

Director New Business

Lisa Logren

Head of Accounting

Nicklas Öberg

Head of IT