E-Commerce Technology Solutions

We bring e-commerce technology expertise to your table to find the solutions that work for your specific needs. Whether it’s a pre-packaged platform, headless and composable commerce, or online marketplaces and storefronts, our team is ready to work with you to get results.

Avensia’s Starter Packages

If you’re looking at building a new online store, our e-commerce technology packages are perfect to help kick-start your journey. We have two packages to choose from, both built on best practice learnings and tens of thousands of development hours.


Avensia Nitro - Your All-in-One E-Commerce Solution


Get a stable and blazingly fast website up and running and no time flat. The Avensia Nitro e-commerce platform puts a focus on optimizing the customer experience for speed and ease of use without any headaches on your end. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to deliver a great customer journey, then Avensia Nitro is an excellent choice. 

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Avensia Excite - Your Powerful and Modular E-Commerce Platform 


Fast-track your tailored e-commerce solution using pre-connected best-in-class components. Avensia Excite is composed of the best systems out there to provide a solid, yet customizable, solution for your online business. 

The modular nature of the Avensia Excite platform means you can make changes to any component of your website easily and quickly without disturbing the rest of your site. You can add, remove, and replace functionality and services on pace with the ever changing demands and trends of modern commerce. 

If you’re looking for a flexible platform that can be adapted to serve you down the road as well, Avensia Excite is the package for you. 

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B2B and D2C Solutions for Your Online Business

Whether your business is B2B or D2C, you should always lead with a focus on the customer. We’ll help you optimize your e-commerce technology strategy to enhance the customer journey. 

The following is just a handful of the ways that we’ll help you master your e-commerce technology in a way that prioritizes your customer base:

  • Gathering and analyzing customer data to better understand how people interact with your brand
  • Finding and helping you implement the best software tools to centralize your data
  • Optimizing your website to provide the best customer experience based on real-world data
  • Utilizing omnichannel strategy 
  • And many more

Your Online Marketplace Solutions

Is launching your own marketplace an option for your business? This is an increasingly effective way to increase your product range and offer more ways for customers to interact and stay with you long term.

Our e-commerce experts can help you find the online marketplace platform that best fits your company’s needs. We’ll help you find the best tools to supplement or replace packaged tools that are included with your marketplace of choice, and then we’ll help you get accustomed to using them.

Headless Commerce Solutions Add Agility

Headless e-commerce technology allows you to create a user experience that’s independent of the backend systems that support it. This allows you to make changes to the frontend and backend of your digital store without affecting the other parts of your website.

We’ll help you find and utilize the best headless commerce tools in a way that makes sense for your company. The ability to change and adapt is crucial in e-commerce, and headless technology gives you just that.

Composable Commerce Solutions for a Best-in-Class Approach to Your Challenges

Much like the people who run them, businesses each carry with them a set of challenges and a history of growth that makes them unique. In other words, no two businesses are the same. So why would any business use a standardized e-commerce solution?

At Avensia, we can help you leverage composable commerce to address your specific needs. That means we choose the best software for your business to optimize your e-commerce potential. Your audience and your products and services are unique and demand unique solutions.

Ready for Limitless Commerce Technology?

With experience from hundreds of e-commerce projects, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs and leverage your unique selling points.

Book a meeting with us and we'll be happy to tell you more about how Avensia can help your business. Provide your contact information and we will be in touch very soon.