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Winning E-Commerce Solutions

We design and develop top-notch e-commerce and omnichannel solutions tailored to your specific business needs. And most importantly, tailored to your customers. Combining market leading partner platforms with in-house best-practice solutions and optimization expertise we’ll set you up for success – today and in the long run.

How We Help

Set Your Business Up for E-Commerce Success


Pre-packaged e-commerce solutions

Enabling speed to value and top-notch performance right from the start.


Ongoing optimization services

We work with you long-term to continuously drive more sales and value.


Digital B2B sales

Drive digital transformation and serve customers more efficiently in all channels.


Online marketplaces

Expand reach and drive profitability with a solid marketplace strategy.


Winners in E-Commerce & Omnichannel

Pre-Packaged E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce technology packages can help kick-start your next e-commerce project. And you can trust they’ll deliver stability in the long run. Both packages are built on best practice learnings and tens of thousands of development hours.

Avensia Nitro


Avensia Nitro is built on Optimizely’s scalable commerce platform. Adding a best practice code base and pre-built connections it offers market-leading site speed right from the start. As well as a stable foundation for long-term growth.

Avensia Excite


Avensai Excite leverages flexible, modular architecture with commercetools powerful solution at its core. With pre-connected components and a starter site package it allows you to initiate your composable commerce journey without the heavy lifting.

ecommerce strategy

Ongoing Optimization Services

When you partner with Avensia, you’re not just getting a one-and-done service. We know that e-commerce experiences need to continually be tweaked and adapted to changing customer trends. Leveraging KPIs and analytics we help you make relevant, data-driven optimization decisions.

  • Define KPIs and monitor performance
  • Continuous conversion rate optimization
  • Evaluate and implement add-on functionality
digitize business

Digitizing Complex B2B Sales

Not only are modern B2B customers comfortable with digital and remote buying journeys - they prefer them. Perhaps more importantly, the amount they’re willing to spend without ever interacting with a sales rep has massively increased.

  • E-commerce with tailored B2B functionality
  • Digital transformation for operational efficiency
  • Connected tools for the entire customer lifecycle

Expand Reach with Online Marketplaces

everage existing online marketplaces to reach new target audiences. Or create your own marketplace to enable new revenue streams. Avensia will help you develop the strategies, processes and tools for successful marketplace sales.

  • Assess and recommend relevant marketplaces
  • Ensure product information consistency
  • Develop marketplace platforms

E-Commerce & Omnichannel KPIs

In this white paper we walk you through the most important e-commerce KPIs. Which metrics to monitor, how to connect these to overall business objectives and ways to track omnichannel success.

Let’s explore your e-commerce opportunities!

With experience from hundreds of e-commerce projects, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs.

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