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Online Sales Optimization

You’ve launched your new e-commerce site. All done? Not at all. Long-term sales success requires ongoing optimizations to fine-tune the customer experience and adapt to changing shopping behaviors. Let Avensia’s experts help you gather and analyze data to identify the optimizations that will make an impact on your online sales results. Today and in the long run.

Long-Term Sales Success with Optimizations

With Avensia you’ll get:


Digital audits to uncover optimization opportunities throughout the customer journey


Hands-on advice with action lists that you can start implementing from day one


Deep domain expertise to ensure you get the best support possible in each optimization area


Ongoing support from our team of experts to secure your long-term success

Benefits of Working with Avensia

End-to-End Optimization Support


Data-driven approach

We’ll dive deep into your data to identify the optimization tactics that make most sense for your business


Technology expertise

Because our tech experts know every nut and bolt of e-commerce platforms, we can fine-tune configurations for top notch performance


Real-life experience

Access optimization best practices derived from our customer community, including some of the industry’s most shining stars


Long-term partner

We deliver value beyond projects and provide ongoing optimization support as your needs change or grow

Some of our Successful Customers

Avensia helped us identify and implement quick wins to improve our e-commerce experience and efficiency. They've delivered key knowledge and processes to support future growth.

Per Eriksson, CEO, PS of Sweden

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Avensia knows that we have big plans. Their team aren't working only to get the job done, they put themselves in the customers’ shoes, and make sure that their experiences are top notch.

Rickard Lyko, CEO, Lyko

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Avensia helps us to stay ahead, in both technical perspective and business perspective. We’ve built an e-commerce platform tailor-made for our needs and the needs of the modern consumer.

Staffan Backman, KICKS

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3 Tactics to Optimize Online Sales

Whatever you sell, however you sell, and wherever you sell, we believe success in e-commerce comes down to three key areas; driving traffic, making sure that traffic converts and working to increase the average order value of every online sale.

Generating Online Traffic

Supporting you with search engine optimization, with the goal of attracting organic search traffic for free. Organic search results are the online version of foot traffic – if people aren’t finding you, they can’t buy what you’re selling. Avensia brings a deeply researched keyword focus to the creation of online traffic through the world’s leading search engines and e-commerce platforms. More traffic naturally means more sales, and sales are what you’re ultimately trying to drive.

Increasing Conversions

Creating the smoothest buying process possible to avoid lost sales – focusing on all factors creating a friction on the customer’s journey to the checkout, such as page load speeds and complicated payment forms.

Traffic is great, but you need those visitors to convert. At Avensia, we know how crucial those conversions are to your e-commerce business. Conversion is more than just moving a customer from the top of the funnel to the bottom, it’s about creating a sense of trust and value. Good conversions now lead to more, returning customers later.

Improving Average Order Value

Avensia leverages a recommendation and relevance platform, like Voyado Elevate, to improve upselling and cross-selling. We also have our decades of experience and capable experts who can help you find the sweet spots in your pricing structure–how much to charge, what to include, and when to shift those numbers to fit a potentially turbulent e-commerce ecosystem.

Our online sales techniques often involve e-commerce developers and strategists throughout the business, as well as hand-picked solutions from our partner network. This gives us access to an enormous range of possibilities and digital expertise – all focused on improving the online sales KPIs that really matter.

Increase Sales with Our Business-Focused Approach

Our experienced sales strategists and technical experts have optimized and increased online sales for dozens of renowned retailers and B2B businesses.

We successfully refine e-commerce and online sales tactics using a huge number of best-in-class tools and a wide range of technical innovations. But our laser focus always remains on your unique business needs and objectives. While traffic, conversion rate and average order value are important metrics for all e-commerce businesses, we work with you to understand where improvements and tweaks will make the most sense and have the biggest effect. Always with your end customer and overall business objectives in mind.


E-Commerce & Omnichannel KPIs

In this white paper we walk you through the most important e-commerce KPIs. Which metrics to monitor, how to connect these to overall business objectives and ways to track omnichannel success

Let’s Talk Optimizations!

We’ve helped both B2C and B2B audit, test and optimize online customer experiences for better business outcomes.

Talk to our optimization experts to explore how Avensia can help boost your online sales results. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.