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E-Commerce Results Jump High After Site Audit

Horse equipment brand PS of Sweden struggled with lack of internal resources and an immature e-commerce site. They turned to Avensia for advice. After a thorough site audit Avensia’s expert team concluded 50 action points identified as low hanging fruit opportunities.


Manufacturer and distributor of equipment for horses and riders


HQ in Sweden, selling to international markets

Project scope

Business Transformation




Site audit, interim E-commerce Manager


Avensia helped us identify and implement quick wins to improve our e-commerce experience and efficiency. In the longer perspective, they've delivered critical knowledge and helped us set up our organization and processes to support future development and growth of our online channel.

3 Steps to Optimize E-Commerce for PS of Sweden

Step 1: Site Audit

The site audit at PS of Sweden included a thourough review of:

  • Analytics setup – with focus on customer data and potential data blind spots.
  • Visitor journey – including mystery shopping activities and analysis of visitor drop-off points.
  • Site structure and navigation – are products and information easy to find? Are visitors using site search? etc.
  • Product pages – efficiency of conversion points, product information structure, recommendations etc.
  • Customer experience – how well the e-commerce site and brand deliver on customer promises.

Step 2: Prioritized Action Plan

The site audit resulted in a long list of recommended actions that would all help improve the overall efficiency of the e-commerce site. Approximately 50 action points were identified as “low hanging fruit” – relatively small tweaks that would give large effect on the conversions and customer experience.


Step 3: Implementation and Knowledge Transfer

At the time of the site audit, the PS of Sweden organization was lacking resources with the right competence to implement the agreed action plan. Therefore they leveraged interim support from Avensia while a new E-Commerce Manager was hired. This way, PS of Sweden got hands-on help to go from audit and plan to quick wins in a matter of weeks.

Avensia’s e-commerce advisor worked together with the team on site to ensure effective knowledge transfer. Plus, Avensia helped PS of Sweden to set up analytics reporting, KPIs and processes to ensure their e-commerce operations are prepared for the future. And most importantly, fit to support the company’s ambitious growth targets.

See the results - visit PS of Sweden's local e-commerce sites:

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Is it Time to Audit Your E-Commerce Setup?

A site audit is a quick and cost-effective way to fine-tune and optimize your current processes and tools. So that you can get more value out of your e-commerce investment.

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