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Audit Your Digital Presence

Do you get the most out of your commerce investments? In challenging times efficient tools, processes and reporting are more important than ever. And finding time for analysis and optimizations in the day-to-day is harder than ever. This is where Avensia's expert team helps. Our audits will uncover the low hanging fruit that'll drive sales today, as well as opportunities to build business value in the long run.

Uncover And Fix Barriers to Success

With Avensia you'll get:


Access to industry-leading experience within conversion rate optimization, SEO, analytics, CX, PIM and more


Custom audit report focused on your unique business objectives and challenges


Hands-on recommendations with an action list that you can start implementing from day one


Flexible delivery depending on your needs, including interim support

Pre-Packaged Digital Audits

Select from a long list of pre-packaged audits or talk to us to create your custom audit based on your unique business needs. Our digital audits offering include:

Customer Journey

  • Branding & design: Do you deliver a seamless and consistent communication and brand experience across all customer touchpoints?
  • Site performance: Does your e-commerce site deliver the speed to cater for great customer experiences across all devices, including the most busy campaign periods?
  • Navigation, structure and content: Is it easy for customers to find what they're looking for? Are taxonomy and product catalogues set up correctly? Do you provide efficient product search and recommendations?
  • Conversion rate: What makes visitors hit the buy button and where do they drop off? Our deep dive data analysis and CRO audit include optimizations for content, design, navigation, checkout etc. Plus suggested areas for experimentation.
  • Loyalty and engagement: Are you creating that unique experience and stickiness needed to make your customers want to return to your store? What makes customers stay loyal to your brand and what makes them shop elsewhere?
  • Accessibility: Do you welcome all potential customers to your site? We'll help you identify any issues and take action to ensure compliance with the WCAG standard, local laws and the upcoming European Accessibility Act. 

Processes and Automation

Do you have the most efficient internal processes in place to easily maintain product information, launch new campaigns, manage orders and fulfilment, ensure high quality customer service...? We'll help you review your current processes and identify opportunities for automation to save time and money.

KPIs & Analytics

In today's data-driven world there is no lack of data. But are you looking at the right data, at the right time for the right purpose? We'll help you align data points with your KPIs or identify the most relevant KPIs to support your business objectives.

Technology Assessment

Does your technology support your goals? Do you get the most out of your tech investments? Are integrations built to ensure efficiency in your daily business operations? A tech audit does not necessarily mean you will have to invest in new tools. More often, we'll help you uncover missed opportunities in your current tech stack. Such as relevant functionality not being used or tools that are not used in the most optimal way.

Benefits of Working with Avensia

Data-Driven Advice to Help You Win

  • Real-life experience: Our team of advisors include people who used to be your peers. As former e-commerce managers they truly understand the challenges you're going through.
  • Deep domain expertise: We've gathered experts in analytics, loyalty, business development, CRO and more.
  • Data-driven optimizations : No more guesswork – our recommendations are always grounded in solid data analysis.
  • Maximized value from current technology: We’ll help you fine-tune configurations to make the most of the tools you already have. 
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Some of Our Successful Customers

Avensia helped us identify and implement quick wins to improve our e-commerce experience and efficiency. We now have the processes and organization to support future development and growth of our online channel.

Per Eriksson, CEO, PS of Sweden

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Avensia ensures we get the latest and greatest input on what's happening in the industry. Their advisory service completes the technical deliveries in an efficient way complementing our own organization.

Sindre Landevåg, CEO​


Grow E-Commerce without New Investment

Often, small actions can have a powerful influence on sales results. Learn how digital audits help you uncover opportunities to fine-tune and optimize your current technology, processes and organization. .

Maximize Value from Your Current Setup

It’s not always a new, shiny tool that will have the most impact on your business results. In fact, optimizing your current processes and technology will often give you a better bang for the buck. But do you know where to start?

This is where Avensia can help. Our expert team will assess your strategy, processes and technology to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities. We’ll spot the low hanging fruits for quick wins as well as the strategic initiatives for long-term success.

Rest assured, we’ll always keep your business objectives front and center in all deliveries. Our structured process starts with understanding your goals and ambitions. Then, we work together with your team to define and accelerate your journey to success.


Why Do You Need a Digital Audit?

One thing that the evolution of digital commerce has taught us is that the devil is in the details. It is in these details you'll find the actions needed to be addressed. Actions that has a direct effect on your top, and bottom line. What separates you from addressing these details is that impenetrable wall also known as “lack of time”.

Who Will Benefit From a Digital Audit?

We see that people in digital roles like e-commerce, category, and digital marketing management struggle to find time for the important analysis and follow-up. Because the day-to-day operations constantly wins the attention over addressing the details that would make everyone's work life easier - and deliver better results.

What Can You Expect From a Digital Audit?

Avensia's digital audits consist of a toolbox designed to finding and remedy the obstacles that stands between you and those extra percent of conversion, extra order-value, or that increase on the customer satisfaction index.

This is a toolbox where we can use one or more tools to produce the report you need to communicate internally, with partners, or just to get things done and deliver results. The audit report will contain clear and concrete examples with cause and effect statements, recommended approach, as well as expected outcome.

Let’s Chat About Your Audit Needs!

Our team has extensive experience in everything from business development and digital strategy to conversion optimization and data analytics.

How can we help your business get more value out of your current setup? Fill out the form to book a quick call with one of our experts.