A Digital Transformation Strategy for Your Business

Digital technologies are a driving force of modern commerce, providing better customer experiences and enhancing the journey from discovery to checkout. Not only can a digital transformation be great for your customers, it can help you achieve greater data visibility and much, much more. We’ll work with you to make your digital transformation a success.

Get Your People on Board to Experience the Power of Digital Solutions

Omnichannel strategy allows your business to connect multiple channels and provide a unified customer experience that’s deliverable on whichever screen your customers prefer. It ultimately provides you with a way to ensure that your shoppers are sharing the same customer journeys whether they’re online or in your physical stores.

This shift in strategy from traditional e-commerce brings some of the biggest and most fundamental challenges within an organization. Your people need to be brought on board with those changes and united with these new digital trends.

New skills, behaviors, processes and perspectives are essential. Old habits die hard. Creating a company culture of digital support that bridges where you are and where you need to be is challenging. But it’s a challenge you must meet if you want to modernize successfully.

A Focused Digital Transformation Strategy

At Avensia, we put the focus on transforming your organization from the inside out. When we work with you on your digital transformation, we emphasize making changes within your organization that will improve the customer journey.

Here are just some of the things our digital transformation service can help you achieve: 

  • Cultural change – how to manage each department through dramatic digital change
  • In-store behavior – how to train and provide incentive for in-store staff to bridge the gap between online and offline
  • New skills – how to train existing staff for digital change, and find the right people for these roles
  • Interim support and outsourcing services
  • How to ensure your processes are built for a new digital reality
  • How to build flexibility into your business culture so you’re able to keep changing and adapting



Digital Change Management That Makes an Impact

At Avensia, our team is experienced in helping businesses like yours handle major digital changes. Onboarding your people into a new digital workflow can be challenging, but managing that change properly can be a huge positive factor for optimizing your retail process.

Our change management support services will help you get your people up to speed and fully invested in your digital transformation. Once they see how things like omni-channel capability and data centralization can help make them more effective at their jobs, they’ll be as excited as you are.

Bring Digital Power to Your Brick & Mortar Locations

A digital transformation extends beyond e-commerce. It means optimizing your organization for a more unified experience across retail channels. 

In-store shopping is not going away anytime soon. In fact, many shoppers still prefer the in-person experience for certain items. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of digital tools to enhance your brick & mortar locations.

Avensia will work with you to implement in-store digital strategies that make sense for your business. 

Some of the ways we can help are by:

  • Connecting your online and in-store sales
  • Implementing digital signage
  • Adding digital self-checkout systems

Case Study: A Seamless Experience for Inspirational Shopping

During the e-commerce project, Avensia worked closely with KICKS on the digital strategy, and have continuously acted as a strategic sounding board for the development of the omnichannel offer, including the in-store solutions.

We Work With You So Your Digital Transformation Strategy Works For You

When we work with a client on digital transformation strategy, we consider it a partnership. Not only will we work together on initial strategies and planning, but we'll also help you every step of the way with all the support and training you need.

That's because optimizing a business takes collaboration and long-term effort. We don't believe in abandoning our clients as soon as the initial work is completed. When we say we work together with you, we mean it.

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Ready for Digital Transformation?

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