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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can’t be treated as a one-off project. Instead, it should be an ongoing effort to get your people, organization and processes on board the digital transformation journey. Not sure where to start or how to take the next step? Let Avensia’s experienced team help you.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

With Avensia you’ll get:


Best practices from some of the most successful commerce businesses in the market


Tailored workshops to identify digital opportunities for your organization and processes


Change management to help get your people on board the transformation journey


New skillsets through training, hiring new staff or interim resources

Benefits of Working with Avensia

Your Modern Commerce Partner


20+ years of commerce experience

We’ve helped many of the industry winners on their journey to modern commerce success


Strategy and tech alignment

We combine thorough business understanding with solid technology know-how


Deep domain expertise

We help fill the gaps in your team with interim experts in a variety of areas


Long-term partner

We deliver value beyond projects and stay with you for long-term digital transformation success

We Support the Winners in Modern Commerce

Our business model is unique which creates both opportunities and challenges, in terms of business and technology. Avensia have been the main partner in this important development project and we are grateful for our close and fruitful collaboration.

Bo Wikare, CEO, NK

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Avensia delivered critical knowledge and helped us set up our organization and processes to support future development and growth of our online channel.

Per Eriksson, CEO, PS of Sweden

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Avensia played a key role in the development of our subscription business. Their expertise and guidance have been critical to get both business model and technology tools in place to support our ambitious growth journey.

Malene Eiksund, E-commerce Manager at VITA Group AS

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Customer-Focused Digital Transformation Strategy

When we work with you on your digital transformation, we emphasize making changes within your organization that will improve the customer journey.

Here are just some of the things our digital transformation service can help you achieve:

  • Cultural change to build flexibility into your business culture so you’re able to keep changing and adapting.
  • In-store behavior – provide training and digital tools to help in-store staff bridge the gap between online and offline sales channels.
  • Digitizing complex sales and order management processes in a B2B environment
  • Digital audits to ensure your team, internal processes and technology are optimized for success.
  • New skills - train existing staff for digital change and find the right people for these roles.
  • Interim support and outsourcing services to fill any competence gaps.
Case Study:

A Seamless Experience for Inspirational Shopping

As part of the e-commerce project, Avensia worked closely with KICKS on the digital strategy, and have continuously acted as a strategic sounding board for the development of the omnichannel offer, including the in-store solutions.


A Digital Transformation Strategy That Works for You

Our team has extensive experienced in helping businesses like yours handle major digital changes. Onboarding your people into a new digital workflow can be challenging, but managing that change properly can be a huge positive factor for optimizing your retail process.

We’ll help you get your people up to speed and fully invested in your digital transformation. Once they see how things like omnichannel capability and data centralization can help make them more effective at their jobs, they’ll be as excited as you are.

When we work with you on a digital transformation strategy, we consider it a partnership. Not only will we work together on initial strategies and planning, but we'll also help you every step of the way with all the support and training you need.

That's because optimizing a business takes collaboration and long-term effort. We don't believe in abandoning our clients as soon as the initial work is completed. When we say we work together with you, we mean it.

Let’s Talk Digital Transformation!

Let our experienced team guide and support you through your digital transformation journey. Whether you need a brainstorming workshop, staff training or interim resources to fill competence gaps, we’re here to help.

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