What Is Modern Commerce?

We talk about modern commerce a lot here at Avensia, but what does that mean exactly? Well, modern commerce combines digital and traditional channels, ensuring a holistic strategy in all customer touchpoints. It spans across B2C and B2B commerce, anywhere and everywhere, and serves a customer base that has higher expectations than ever. In short, modern commerce is what your business has to master if you want it to succeed.

The Keys to Modern Commerce

To optimize your business for modern commerce, you’ll need to work on a few key areas:

Master complexity

New technology, channels and changing customer behavior. All happening at high-speed. Many companies are stuck in slow legacy systems, processes and culture. This creates an impossible situation as the gap between where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow is rapidly growing.

We believe that dividing operations into focused areas, systems and processes and adding high quality glue to connect the dots is the right way forward. Only then you’ll be able to focus on the customer experience, prioritize actions and build technology that scales with your business and customer base.

Navigate the future

Understanding the world, your customers, your employees, your competitors, is crucial to stay ahead and develop your business.

The problem is not lack of data. Today, everything can be measured. The key is to understand what data to measure, how to use the data and how to connect it to the goals you want to achieve.

With the relevant data and insights at hand you can make more informed decisions, predict changes and better understand which trends make sense for your business.

Build resilience

External change is often faster than internal adaptation. Creating an adaptable culture with a strong focus on delivering on the customers ever changing needs is core to coping with the complexity of today.

It’s not what happens around you that will make the difference. It’s how you as a company decide to manage that change. With a resilient organization and culture you’ll be able to create the competitive advantage you need to innovate and stay ahead.

Your Modern Commerce Partner

At Avensia, we’ve got the expertise and technology to help find your path to modern commerce success. Together with your team we’ll define the objectives that’ll make your business a winner. Then we recommend the strategies and tools to help you get there. Our comprehensive modern commerce services include:

Omnichannel commerce
Omnichannel Strategy

Whether you’re in B2C, B2B or D2C retail, your customers will expect and appreciate the ability to interact with your brand across multiple channels. Your strategy needs to reflect that.

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E-commerce technology

Your digital presence is how you present yourself to and interact with your customers. The trick is knowing how to craft the presence that will work best for your circumstances.

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Information management
Information MAnagement

Getting your product information in order is a critical foundation for growth - and long term success. Make sure your information flows seamlessly across systems and channels.

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Omnichannel technology
In-Store Solutions

Leverage a modern commerce platform that extends digital capabilities to your retail stores. Offer your customers a cohesive buying experience across channels to build long term success.

Explore digital solutions for your retail store

Together, we’ll use these key components to make modern commerce work for you.

Modern Commerce is Data-Driven

Because modern commerce has the ability to reach larger audiences than ever before, it’s also an amazing source of valuable customer data. For example, you will be able to track user behavior across all your sales channels. This will provide you with insights into the preferences of your customers, and then you can use that data to make changes.

Part of what we do at Avensia is help you uncover all of that user data, and then we’ll analyze it together and turn it into real-world results.

If you’re not making data-driven decisions for your business in modern commerce, you’re essentially just guessing.

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