D2C E-Commerce Solutions for Your Business

The boundaries between different sales and communication channels are increasingly blurry. Consumers are constantly moving between channels to search for information about your products. With a D2C e-commerce solution you can build strong relationships to your most loyal customers and create new revenue streams. 

Build Strong Customer Relationships With D2C E-Commerce

Many brands who have traditionally sold their products through a reseller network today open up for sales direct to consumers (D2C). Launching an online store is often the fastest way to get started.

With a D2C e-commerce site you can: 

  • Increase your turnover buy offering consumers to buy directly from your store
  • Offer your customers thourough information about your products, including detailed descriptions, images and user reviews
  • Build stronger customer relationships and improve brand loyalty
  • Take ownership of customer data to enable personalized and relevant customer communication

Strategies and Solutions for Successful D2C Sales

Avensia has more than 20 years of experience developing winning e-commerce sites. But e-commerce is just one piece of the puzzle when creating a successful D2C strategy that delivers business value long term.

Let Avensia develop winning strategies for your D2C sales channel: 

  • We always take a holistic approach to understand the D2C channel's role in your business and how it contributes to your overall objectives
  • Our experienced strategy advisors analyze your business model, market position, sales and customer data in order to recommend the best way forward
  • We conduct a thourough audit of your current technology stack including your solutions for e-commerce, information management, CRM and loyalty programs
  • You can feel secure that we'll always recommend solutions that are relevant to your business and objectives (trendy tech is only valuable if it's relevant)
  • When we've agreed on a plan we work together with you to implement the strategies, processes and technology solutions needed to make you a D2C winner

We Help You Capitalize on the D2C E-Commerce Boom

The D2C sales model – selling direct to consumer without third-party involvement – is booming.

Consumers love the transparency, simplicity and non-corporate marketing these brands deliver. With no physical stores or middlemen, D2C businesses have significantly lower costs, higher profits, and ownership of all the customer data they can get their hands on.

It’s an appealing proposition. We can help you make it a reality.

We’ve helped many brands sell direct to consumer – creating modern commerce solutions for D2C that are as fast, engaging and intuitive. Plus, our strategy advisors help you understand how the new e-commerce site in the best way possible can co-exist with your current sales channels, including a reseller network.

With our proven solutions for information management and e-commerce you can focus on the functionality and experiences you want, instead of worrying about technical concerns.

Enjoy a new, high-margin sales channel and a better way of collecting customer data in a remarkably short space of time. It’s an approach that’s ready-made for your D2C ambitions.

Commerce Talk

Key Factors for D2C Success

In this podcast episode you'll hear from Haglöfs' Global Head of D2C as he shares his experiences of launching a D2C strategy and site. Find out what determines whether you'll make it our break it in your D2C efforts.

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