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Avensia Nitro for Blazingly Fast E-Commerce

Used by some of the most demanding e-commerce sites in the world, the Avensia Nitro e-commerce platform offers limitless capabilities. Its performance is battle-tested by the Avensia customer community and best practices are continuously built into the solution. So that you’ll enjoy a stable and fast e-commerce site right from the start.

Speed & Scalability for Limitless Growth

With Avensia Nitro you’ll get


Starter site code base developed in close collaboration with Avensia’s customers


Battle-tested site performance ensuring your store is open for customers at all times


Pre-built integrations to best-of-breed partner solutions for a complete e-commerce platform


Continuous innovation with shared packages that are regularly updated

Future-Proof Your E-Commerce

When you select Avensia Nitro for your next e-commerce site you’ll get all the advantages of a pre-built starter site as well as a stable foundation for long-term growth.

Benefits of Avensia Nitro:



Fast time to market

Get a top-notch solution without the heavy lifting of starting from scratch


Proven solution

Tested  and developed in close collaboration with leading e-commerce business


Lower cost and risk

Leverage a shared framework that is continuously tested and updated


Foundation for growth

Limitless scalability to support future sales models, target audiences and markets

Winning businesses leveraging Avensia Nitro

Together with Avensia’s dedicated team we have built an e-commerce platform tailor-made for our needs but most importantly tailor-made for the modern consumer

Staffan Backman, Digital Business Developer, KICKS

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We selected Avensia because of their strong technology competence and their proven, scalable solution

Erik Lundin, Commercial Director, Apohem

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As a buyer of e-commerce systems, there is an ocean of services and components to choose from. Avensia Nitro was already packaged and had proved its value with a wide range of other retailers.

Frank Jonassen, CTO Megaflis

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A Packaged E-Commerce Platform for Speed to Value

Avensia Nitro contains a set of components with pre-built integrations, APIs, and a starter site code base to help you get up and running. This in combination with Avensia’s best-practice and customer-focused approach to e-commerce ensures neither timescales nor quality are compromised. So you’re in a position to quickly tailor your site according to your customers’ needs.

Customer and Search Engine Friendly

To just comply with search engine performance requirements is not enough. The Avensia Nitro e-commerce starter site’s sophisticated UI design and clever engineering makes your site feel faster than what raw response times say. Avensia Nitro also puts an early focus on customer experience and business value, rather than technology. This helps you avoid common pitfalls and move towards faster, smoother customer experiences.

Built From Blue-Chip Components and Partners

Avensia Nitro connects components from globally renowned solutions in our partner ecosystem, including Optimizely, inriver and Voyado. As such Avensia Nitro is the perfect foundation for your next e-commerce site, whether you operate a B2C, B2B or D2C business.

And when your customers’ demands evolve, we’ll help you find additional services and components to ensure your site keeps up with the pace. Our business advisors and technology experts are here to guide you towards the most relevant tech options to your business – the ones that will help you achieve your objectives today, and tomorrow.



Optimizely Commerce Cloud

At the heart of Avensia Nitro you’ll find Optimizely Commerce Cloud. The simple and flexible design of the platform allows you to easily customize e-commerce experiences and meet the demands of your (future) audiences.

As a global leader in commerce solutions Optimizely offers endless opportunities to cater for international markets, multi-currency and add-on solutions to support your growth journey.

White paper

E-Commerce & Omnichannel KPIs

In this white paper we walk you through the most important e-commerce KPIs. Which metrics to monitor, how to connect these to overall business objectives and ways to track omnichannel success.

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