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High Performance E-Commerce with Avensia Nitro

Used by some of the most demanding e-commerce sites in the world, the Avensia Nitro e-commerce platform offers limitless capabilities. Its performance is battle-tested by the Avensia customer community and best practices are continuously built into the solution. So that you’ll enjoy a stable and fast e-commerce site right from the start.

Discover Blazingly Fast E-Commerce with Avensia Nitro

The modern online shopper is subject to a fast-paced world of quickly moving digital trends. That’s to say, their tastes are always changing. With the popularity of online shopping growing, so is the challenge of keeping these shoppers happy. The Avensia Nitro e-commerce framework, built on Optimizely Commerce Cloud , tackles this exact issue.

With its speed and scalability, Avensia Nitro is able to quickly make changes to your digital storefront, to keep up with customer trends. Because site performance is key when keeping pace with the expectations of your audience. 

Below is some of our customers that are using Avensia Nitro. Click on a logo to read the case story. ⬇️

A Search Engine Friendly E-Commerce Platform

To just comply with search engine performance requirements is not enough. The Avensia Nitro e-commerce starter site’s sophisticated UI design and clever engineering makes your site feel faster than what raw response times say. Avensia Nitro also puts an early focus on customer experience and business value, rather than technology. This helps you avoid common pitfalls and move towards faster, smoother customer experiences.


A Packaged E-Commerce Platform for Speed to Value

Avensia Nitro contains a set of components with pre-built integrations, APIs, and a starter site code base to help you get up and running. This in combination with Avensia’s best-practice and customer-focused approach to e-commerce ensures neither timescales nor quality are compromised. So you’re in a position to quickly tailor your site according to your customers’ needs. 

Benefits of the Avensia Nitro e-commerce platform:

  • A proven solution developed in close collaboration with Avensia’s customers
  • Fast time-to-market with pre-packaged best practices
  • A high performance e-commerce platform built on tens of thousands development hours
  • Unrivaled customer experiences based on the latest UI technology
  • Learning and networking opportunities within the Avensia modern commerce community 
  • Lower cost of ownership and minimized risk thanks to a shared framework that is continuously tested and updated
  • Avensia is your one point of contact to a rich, third-party ecosystem that covers content, product information management, search, payment and shipping providers, customer relations and marketing
  • A future-proof solution that is thoroughly battle-tested by some of the most demanding e-commerce sites in the world, including Lyko, NA-KD, KICKS, and Kjell & Company
Nitro Success Story - Lyko

The challenge: Stand Out in Competition

Avensia Nitro was invented as an answer to customers’ increased demands for site performance and stability. The innovative architecture speeds up response times and makes the mobile site responsive, even when the network is unstable, e.g. on a train or on a bus. A significant part of Lyko’s target group wanted just that, so Lyko and Avensia made it happen together.

An E-Commerce Platform Built From Blue-Chip Components and Partners

Avensia Nitro is a framework built on components from globally renowned partners in our solution ecosystem, including Optimizely, inriver, Voyado, Contentful and Apptus. These components are glued together so they work as one coherent solution. As such Avensia Nitro is the perfect foundation for your next e-commerce site, whether you operate a B2C, B2B or D2C business. 


And when your customers’ demands evolve we’ll help you find additional services and components to ensure your site keeps up with the pace. Our business advisors and technology experts are here to guide you towards the most relevant tech options to your business - the ones that will help you achieve your objectives today, and tomorrow.

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