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In-Store Display Solutions

The secret to our store display solution is its ingenious simplicity. Using an employee’s or customer’s own phone, you can turn any in-store screen into a fully customizable, touch-free, interactive retail display. Minimal investment for maximum store display experiences.

Create Memorable Customer Experiences

With Avensia’s display solutions you’ll get:


Interactive solutions enabling exceptional customer service and brand experiences


Web-based functionality means no app required for the customer and no hardware for you


Smartphone controlled displays let your staff or customers explore products at their pace


Connected to PIM for full product details, reviews, shelf location, reviews and more

Benefits of Avensia In-Store Displays

High Tech, Low Hurdle


Easy to implement

Our web-based display solution doesn’t require any new hardware and is easily connected to your existing commerce technology.


Boost customer engagement

Offer your customers a simple way to interact with your products and content for inspiring shopping journeys.


Minimal up-front investment

No hardware required and smooth implementation means you can get up and running quickly with our proven in-store display solution.


Omnichannel expertise

When you start working with Avensia you’ll get access to experiences and best practices from some of the most successful omnichannel businesses.

Some of our Successful Customers

Enjoy Endless Display Possibilities

With low investment and major flexibility, our touch-free display technology is perfect for a retailer interested in testing the waters of interactive store displays. You’ll get to see what our in-store display solution is capable of without sinking resources into a major upfront cost.

If you like the idea of an interactive in-store customer experience, but you’re still not ready to make a major commitment to it with a big investment, this is the solution for you.

With Avensia’s interactive retail display, use cases could include:

  • Staff taking over a store display screen to show customers detailed product information, reviews, related products and shelf location
  • Customers taking over the store display screen with their mobile phone to view a product in more detail, product reviews, video content, or different colors and models
  • Display seasonal inspiration and interactive campaigns, fully customizable to match your brand and local store needs
  • Run interactive tutorials, launch customer surveys, or introduce gamification for a better buying experience

Add Displays to Your Omnichannel Tech Stack

Omnichannel is all about connecting your customer touchpoints for a cohesive brand experience. By adding an in-store display solution to your technology stack you can leverage all that product information and content that you already have to create even better, inspiring shopping experiences.

Just connect your interactive in-store display solution with your centralized product information management solution (PIM), and you’ll be able to provide your customers with things like real-time stock levels in-store and at your e-commerce site, product details, guides, photos, videos and reviews. All presented right there and then to support the customer’s buying decision.

If in-store technology is on your roadmap, explore our self-service checkout solution providing customers a faster, smoother buying experience in your retail store.

Let’s Talk In-Store Display Solutions!

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