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Beautiful collaboration accelerated Vita's e-com conversion

Using the Avensia Nitro starter site to kickstart the project, Avensia and Vita built a complete e-commerce infrastructure, with all the components a modern retailer needs, in just 11 weeks. The modern commerce solution fuels Vita's omnichannel offer and has skyrocketed their conversion rate.

Type of project

E-commerce, Digital Strategy, Business strategy


Avensia worked closely with Vita on optimizing their e-commerce and defining the roadmap for their omnichannel business development and setting priorities. 


Increase turnaround and conversion rate in 2020. Automate manual and repetitive tasks to be able to focus on creating great content and customer experience.

The project

Leveraging all the benefits of Avensia Nitro

Vita Detalj AS is a Norwegian omnichannel retailer in the cosmetic and beauty segment. With 114 stores across Norway, they are one of the market leaders in their industry. With tough competition online and a pandemic that severely challenged sales in their physical stores, Vita needed an e-commerce that could grow their market share and their digital sales.

Vita decided to use Avensia's packaged e-commerce framework Avensia Nitro, which is used by several of Avensia's customers, big e-commerce players like Lyko and NA-KD, to name a few.  

The goal was to launch the new Vita site well before Black Week, which was only a few months away. By using the Avensia Nitro starter package, Vita could kickstart the project with a fully functioning e-commerce infrastructure, and could focus on design and customer experience instead of technical details. The e-commerce was built and launched in only 11 weeks, after an intense project, where the experienced Avensia development team collaborated very closely and efficiently with Vita and their partner Sopra Steria.

Speed and relevance

Avensia Nitro gives the digital commerce speed, performance and stability on mobile devices. eSales is one part of the Nitro framework, and uses AI and machine learning for creating more relevant shopping experiences. It includes providing personalized recommendations and adapting search and navigation for every single visitor, based on previous site behavior.

When Vita's new e-commerce was launched on October 28, the results were remarkable. In a comparison between the same time period in 2019, when Vita used their old site, and 2020, Vita achieved solid growth in both transactions, revenue and conversion rate.

Avensia’s efficient and proactive project management has been instrumental to the ability to build our new e-commerce platform in a very short time, which was very important to us. We are of course most satisfied with the results Avensia Nitro has helped us reach. We have seen significant increases in all our central KPI’s, such as conversion rate and average order value.
Continuous work

Constantly optimizing the omnichannel offer

Vita's new infrastructure for omnichannel commerce is a solid and flexible base for a further development and optimization according to consumer trends and demands. Avensia Nitro is used by many of Avensia's customers and is constantly improved and adapted to modern commerce behavior. 

The dedicated development team at Avensia continues to work closely with Vita with further development of their e-commerce solution and help them realise an even better omnichannel experience.

We are very pleased with the choice of Avensia as partner for the launch of our new e-commerce. The excellent project management also allowed us to use fewer internal resources and to finish the project within budget.

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