Apptus eSales AI-Powered E-Commerce Personalization

With online shopping booming, customer choice is continuously expanding. Converting your visitors into buyers is more important than ever before. And we use AI-powered e-commerce personalization to make it happen. As an Apptus partner, we use the powerful AI-driven tool that provides relevant recommendations, offers, and content to increase your e-commerce conversions.

Create Personalized E-Commerce Experiences That Drive Sales

Today’s marketplace is saturated. Increasing your traffic and converting those new visitors is crucial to e-commerce success.

Through our partner Apptus eSales, we help you significantly improve your e-commerce using AI-powered personalization.

Its AI-powered personalization improves product relevance in search, navigation and recommendations. As a multichannel AI-driven tool, Apptus delivers the right content, promotions and recommendations at exactly the right time.

Apptus' AI-powered personalization benefits include:

  • Recommendations with AI-personalization, optimization and listing
  • Search function for products, content and promotions
  • Personalized filter navigation
  • Autocomplete and “did-you-mean”
  • Banner optimization and AI-personalization
  • Auto-optimization of content
  • Multivariant, real-time testing
  • Market-specific behaviors
  • Site overlay – a layer on top of the site with real-time KPIs
  •  Synonym management
  • Present products by abandoned shopping cart, recently viewed products, recent searches and top sellers

Apptus x Voyado

apptus-logoApptus has been acquired by Voyado, a market leading Customer Experience and  Customer Retention platform. When Apptus is combined with customer knowledge from Voyado, e-tailers have the opportunity to become hyper-relevant, matching products with visitors in all stages of the customer life cycle. Avensia are long-term technology partners with both Voyado and Apptus.  We have seen how powerful this combination is!

Ready to Create Personalized E-Commerce Experiences?

With experience from hundreds of digital commerce and business development projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

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