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The Foundation for Information Management Success

A technology tool is just one piece of the information management puzzle. A solid strategy, organization-wide processes, thorough data models and governance all proceed a system implementation. This is where Avensia’s experienced team can help. With best practices, expert advice and efficient change management we’ll set your business up for information management success.

A Partnership for Growth

With Avensia you’ll get:


A thorough audit of your current process, system and organization


An experienced partner who will work with your team long term


Expert advice on data models, structures, legal or industry requirements and more


Change management support to ensure organization-wide adoption

Benefits of Working with Avensia

Best Practice Information Management Strategy


Tailored strategy

Supporting your unique, complex data needs today and in the future


Experienced partner

You can feel confident your investment will pay off long term


Speed to value

Feel the difference from day one with best practice processes and efficient change management


Proven technology

Vetted by Avensia’s experts and used to untangle the most complex data challenges

Winning businesses leveraging Avensia's Information Management Expertise

Avensia helped us with a thorough revision of our entire logical setup for information management - both for production, maintenance, sales, marketing and distribution.

Even Lutnæs, CIO, Moelven Industrier

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Our business model is unique which creates both opportunities and challenges. Avensia have been the main partner in this important development project and we are grateful for our close and fruitful collaboration.

Bo Wikare, CEO, NK

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A Holistic Approach to Information Management

Data is the lifeblood of any serious business, and that’s why it’s so important to start with a strong information management strategy. Whatever you’re selling and wherever you sell it, information management connects the dots on every journey. The answers to every question you might have about how well that journey is working are found with information management solutions, and we can help you uncover them.

When you start working with Avensia we help you take a holistic approach to your information management using tailored strategies, processes and solutions. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in strategy and technology as well as data modelling, legal requirements and change management.

Our Information Management Strategy Services Include:

  •  Audit of your current setup
  • Evaluation of your organizational efficiency
  • Recommendation of long-term strategy
  • Data governance
  • Compliance to legal requirements and industry standards
  • Change management, interim support and training
  • Assessment of technology solutions
Modern Commerce Talk

What Should Come First in Information Management?

In this podcast episode, you'll learn all about avoiding the most common pitfalls in information management and how to get started with ease.

Information Management Strategy

What is Information Management Strategy?

Information management strategy refers to the systematic approach of managing an organization's information resources. It involves the development of policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure effective and efficient use of data assets to achieve business objectives.

An effective information management strategy encompasses data governance, security, quality, integration, and analytics. It also considers the organizational and cultural aspects of managing information.

How to Develop an Information Management Strategy?

To develop an effective information management strategy, you need to conduct a thorough assessment of your business’ current information landscape, identify gaps and areas of improvement, and define clear goals and objectives. You should also consider the impact of emerging technologies, changing business requirements, and evolving regulatory frameworks on information management practices.

Why Do You Need an Information Management Strategy?

The primary goal of an information management strategy is to enable better decision-making, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage through the use of information. It will also help you ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and mitigate risks.

In summary, an information management strategy is a critical component of a successful business operation. It enables organizations to maximize the value of their information assets, reduce risks, and drive innovation and growth.

Let’s Talk Information Management!

With experience from hundreds of e-commerce projects, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs and leverage your unique selling points.

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