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Alligo’s New PIM Tool is Constructed for Future Growth

Avensia helps the Nordic leader in workwear, tools and supplies replace a legacy PIM solution and improve internal processes to drive operational efficiency that'll support the group’s rapid growth journey. Managing hundreds of thousands of products, the new PIM ensures consistent and updated product information in all sales channels including multiple e-commerce sites, physical stores and printed catalogues.


Manufacturer and distributor of workwear, tools and supplies for the construction industry


Sweden (HQ), Norway, Finland

Project scope

Business Transformation, Information Management





inriver PIM, Avensia developed add-on functionality




Avensia is an important partner for us. Their knowledge about the PIM solution and process has been critical to get the new PIM in place. The Avensia team has really made an effort to understand our business to adapt and configure the solution to best fit our needs.

Adapting the PIM Process and Solution to Alligo’s Specific Needs

Avensia’s experienced information management team supports Alligo throughout the ongoing PIM journey. From advisory on how to re-structure internal processes for maximum efficiency. To detailed know-how and technical development to ensure the PIM solution supports the Alligo team in their day-to-day work.

Avensia works closely with the team at Alligo to understand their business needs. As a result, we’ve delivered several add-on functionalities to support specific PIM use cases, such as:

Automated updates of ETIM data fields to ensure product attributes comply with the industry standards.

PDF generator to facilitate production of product catalogues, both generic and customer-unique content, pulling product details from the PIM.

Flexible user settings enabling access to selected admin functionality within the standard interface so that a product owner can update a specific attribute for example.

Simplified management of links, such as linking spare parts or accessories to multiple relevant products.

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