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Accelerate Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a lot more than just points, discounts, and memberships. Building true loyalty is about gaining a deep understanding of your customer to build better customer experiences. Experiences so good that your customers never want to shop with anyone else. At Avensia we've got the expertise, tools and data to help you get there.

Get a Complete View of Your Customers

With Avensia you’ll get:


End-to-end expert advice on strategical as well as tactical levels.


Thorough audit of customer journeys, communication and tools.


Implementation expertise to ensure the right technology for your unique business needs.


Operational support in the day-to-day easing the pressure on your team.

Benefits of Working with Avensia

We Are Loyalty and CRM Experts


20+ years of experience

We’ve helped some of the industry winners on their journey to success.


CRM best practices

Our savvy CRM experts help you get the most value out of your technology and customer data.


End-to-end loyalty services

From concept development and tech implementations to hands-on operational support.


Long-term partner

We deliver value beyond projects and stay with you for ongoing optimizations in the long run.

Some of Our Successful Customers:

Turn Ideas into Strategies, Tactics into Action

Our experienced loyalty advisors can help you with everything from strategy workshops to CRM optimizations. Often, our engagements start with a thorough audit where we’ll review and assess all customer journeys, touchpoints and communication. You’ll get a custom report with hands-on tactics to help remedy any issues identified and capture low-hanging fruit opportunities. If your resources are scarce, we’ll help you turn tactics into action to accelerate your customer loyalty efforts.

Our Loyalty & CRM Services Include:

  • Customer loyalty strategy workshop
  • Audit & gap analysis Goals, KPIs and reporting
  • Loyalty concept development
  • Technology evaluation
  • CRM implementation and optimization
  • Customer segmentation tactics
  • Marketing communication programs
  • Operational support & interim resources
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How Your Business Can Benefit

Better Customer Experiences with CRM

The quality of your customer data and CRM solution will dictate your ability to deliver excellent customer experiences. Because when you have a complete view of your customer and their interactions with your brand, you’ll be able to communicate the most relevant messages, at the right place in the right time. That’s what makes customers want to come back to your store.

With a Solid CRM and The Right Configurations, You Can:

  • Define customer segments
  • Identify buying patterns
  • Personalize offers and messages
  • Automate communication based on triggers and behavioral data
  • Provide better customer service
  • Stay relevant in the mind of your customer
  • Improve retention and overall loyalty to your brand

Digitize Leads and Sales Processes in B2B

In a B2B environment the CRM is a critical tool in the leads and sales process. With a powerful CRM solution, you can gather all data about your leads and customers to ensure your sales team focus on the right activities. The ones that’ll accelerate leads through the funnel and drive bottom line results.

With a CRM Solution Tailored for B2B Processes, You Can:

  • Drive efficiency throughout the entire sales process
  • Align marketing and sales activities
  • Personalize offers and messages
  • Boost inbound lead generation
  • Provide relevant communication in all touchpoints
  • Get a 360-degree view of your leads and customers
Our CRM Solution Partners


Voyado’s customer experience cloud platform is designed for retailers. And most importantly, for the demanding retail consumers. It’s a multichannel marketing platform that allows you to act on data insights to create personalized journeys that your customers will love.

From customer data collection and segmentation to relevant communication and shopping experiences in a single platform, Voyado helps you unlock great growth opportunities.

Our CRM Solution Partners


Tailored for the B2B market Hubspot acts as a single source of truth CRM solution – with the customer at the centre. You'll get all data, tools & CRM-features in one place to support efficient marketing, sales and customer service.

With Hubspot connected to your e-commerce platform you can boost inbound lead generation, align sales and marketing activities and deliver excellent customer experiences across channels and touchpoints.


What Is a Strategic CRM Implementation? 

A CRM tool alone will not transform customer experience. You need to translate business needs into system logic and data feeds. In other words, you need an implementation strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a CRM solution?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is the central location for all your customer data. It helps you gather data on all customer interactions, analyze it to better understand your customers and take appropriate actions to ensure your business is truly customer centric. In today’s market landscape the competition for the customer’s attention is fierce. You need to ensure relevant communication and offers to your different customer segments at all times. That’s where your CRM solution plays the lead role.

Can you help me with my current CRM solution?

Of course! When we start working together, we start with an audit of your current set-up of technology tools, analytics and workflows. Then we recommend the best way forward based on your business objectives. We would never recommend investing in a new tool just for the sake of it. Often, configuring and optimizing the technology you already have in place will bring a huge impact on your customer engagement KPIs. That way we’ll help you get more value out of your CRM investment.

Do you only work with digital channels and e-commerce?

Not at all! In fact, many of our customers are omni-channel retailers working hard to capture data on customer interactions across various channels including the e-commerce site, physical stores, social media and e-mails. We can help set up data strategies, segmentations, and workflows in your CRM to ensure consistent, relevant experiences throughout all your customer touchpoints.

What kind of operational support can you provide?

You name it! Our CRM experts can be your extra pair of hands working items off your backlog or the ignite you need to help you get started with automated workflows and personalized communication. We can support with anything from setting up customer segments, e-mail drip programs and automations to analyzing customer data for continuous improvements of your programs. And everything in between.

Let’s Talk Customer Loyalty!

Our team has helped winning businesses drive customer loyalty throughout different industries, channels and markets. We’ve got the strategies, tools and know-how to ensure excellent customer experiences for long-term brand loyalty.

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