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Smarter Commerce with Data Insights

Today, there’s no lack of data. The challenge is to collect the relevant data. The one that gives you the clues you need to make smarter decisions for every aspect of your business. We help you set up the data analytics and experimentation strategies you need to remove the guesswork. And turn your data into meaningful insights that’ll drive your business forward.

Turn Data into Business Insights

With Avensia you’ll get:


Thorough audit of your analytics, reporting and experimentation setup.


Expert advice on KPI targets, internal processes and change management.


Technology recommendation and implementation to ensure the best tools for your business.


Operational support in the day-to-day easing the pressure on your team.
Benefits of Working with Avensia

End-to-End Optimization Support


Holistic approach

From business objectives, KPIs and tech implementations to hands-on operational support.


Best-of-breed technology

Our partner network includes the leading tools for data analytics and experimentation.


Change management

Our experts guide your journey towards a data-driven and customer-centric organization.


Real-life experience

Our advisors used to be your peers, they truly understand your challenges and struggles.

Some of Our Successful Customers:

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Data-Driven Insights to Help You Win

With the relevant data at hand, you’ll gain a complete understanding of your customers. How they get to your site, what sparks their interest and where they drop off. These insights are key to understanding who your most valuable customers are, what improvements are needed on your site and identify areas for experimentation. Let Avensia’s experienced team guide you to a more data-driven way of working.

Our Analytics & Experimentation Services Include: 

  • Analytics and data audit
  • KPI development
  • Technology assessment and recommendation
  • New technology implementation and configuration
  • Best-practice processes and ways of working
  • Experimentation program development
  • Training within selected analytics and experimentation tools
  • Ongoing operational support

Optimize Customer Journeys and Conversions with Experimentation

A simple test can have a significant impact on ROI. Multivariate testing allows you to simultaneously test multiple versions of a page or feature to see which performs best. There's no guesswork, no spaghetti-against-the-wall, no mysterious trick that "just works." It's data, pure and simple, with measurable and significant impact.

A ‘test & learn’ mindset empowers teams to be creative in problem-solving. With a structured experimentation approach you’ll ensure those creative ideas are always backed by data. Because successful optimizations are always founded in data-driven decisions rather than a gut feeling. A test can also help you ensure new features and improvements on your site have the intended effect on your KPIs. As such, you can use testing to prove the value of an initiative and justify the investment.

Here at Avensia we’ve got the tools, processes and best practices to help you get on track for a successful experimentation journey. Contact us to get started.


5 Steps to Become an Insight-Driven Organization

In this guide you’ll learn how your organization can turn user data into valuable insights that’ll help identify and remedy friction in your customer journeys.

Our Solution Partners


Contentsquare is a leading digital experience analytics platform that helps you understand and optimize user experienced across web, mobile, and app platforms. Through its AI-powered platform it automatically and visually provides you with rich and contextual insights into your customer’s behaviour and intent — at every touchpoint in their journey. Insights that’ll help you build strong and long-lasting customer relationship


Optimizely Feature Experimentation

Optimizely Feature Experimentation allows you to test and roll out features to specific target audiences, and roll back just as easily. The platform is easy to use, yet includes advanced functionalities such as granular personalization, powerful A/B and multi-variant testing as well as comprehensive feature management tools.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation is closely integrated with our Avensia Nitro e-commerce platform. This way, you can set up experiments either in the backend code or directly in your content via the CMS.

Let’s Talk Analytics & Experimentation!

Our team has extensive experience in data analytics, experimentation and optimization. Whether you need an audit of your current analytics setup, a new analytics tool or just an extra pair of hands to support your daily operations, we can help!

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