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Coop Creates Engaging Web Experiences with Headless CMS

With 33 million web visits per year serves as the entry channel for the grocery giant’s customer base. With the objective to modernize content management Coop decided to implement Contentful’s native headless CMS together with Avensia. Within just a few months the team has achieved great efficiency gains, increased organic traffic and improved visitor engagement on the site.





Project scope

Digital strategy, technology implementation, customer experience, UX design



Contentful CMS, Voyado Elevate




Avensia has contributed significantly to Coop's investment in headless CMS architecture with their expert guidance through complex decisions, technical implementation, and optimization of Contentful. The solution is not only optimized for current needs but also easily scalable for future requirements, essential for a large corporation like Coop.
The challenge

Legacy Technology Draining Time and Resources

The website is an important engagement channel for the Coop group, serving an impressive 33 million visits every year. But the old site was not able to make the most out of this traffic volume. Because of a legacy setup with parallel content structures, the different brand sites competed for the same search traffic. In addition, the site did not inspire visitors to engage and interact with the content.

The old on-premises solution was both time-consuming and costly. When a new campaign was launched content needed to be produced and published separately in each channel including, multiple brand sites and the mobile application. Nothing could be repurposed or reused.

More money was spent on fixing bugs than on developing new features that could bring value to Coop and their customers. The need to modernize was obvious and urgent.

The solution

Flexible and Future-Proof CMS Built for Omni-Channel Content

With the ambition to make Norway’s most engaging site for food inspiration the team quickly identify that a new technology platform was needed. They decided to go with a native headless CMS because of its flexible and future-proof architecture. Contentful came out on top after a thorough evaluation process.

Avensia has been a trusted partner of the Coop group for many years, supporting the e-commerce sites of Obs and Obs Bygg. Because Avensia is also a longstanding Contentful partner it was natural to engage their team for the implementation of the new CMS.

Avensia’s experienced developers worked on the technical implementation of Contentful and integrations to supporting systems. In addition, Avensia provided advisory and UX design services to help Coop create the most engaging site for food inspiration.

Avensia's experience with similar implementations has helped Coop avoid typical pitfalls that can occur when transitioning from on-premises to headless CMS – saving us a lot of time and money.
The results

Internal Efficiency and Customer Engagement

A modern technology platform requires a new way of working. Coop has reorganized content creators and web editors into one common team. The old silos are gone, and collaboration flourishes. Editors can now create content for all channels. Content is no longer hidden in folders but tagged with structured data easily searchable for re-use and re-purpose.

Just a few months after the new site’s go-live the results are impressive. Internal efficiency is up – more content is produced in less time than ever before. Organic search traffic has increased thanks to a faster site and well-structured content. Plus, visitor engagement metrics show very positive improvements both in terms of time on site and interactions.

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Avensia has been truly helpful in providing extended training and support for using Contentful as a CMS, along with advice on how to efficiently leverage headless CMS for increased efficiency and shorter time-to-market.

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