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Uniting diverse talent with

Our shared values

Our mission is what we’re here to give to the world – leading us to be the change we want to see. Together with our values and guiding stars, it guides us from the board room to the developer’s desk to the conference room as we meet with customers. This is where Avensia begins.

For us, defining modern commerce is about creating edge-pushing tools for our customers to outdistance their competition. Our values are how we make it happen – giving us power to unite diverse talents around what we value in common.


Care for real

We care for real about our colleagues, customers, company, and communities, and we passionately believe we each make a difference for all of them.

We also believe that care is more than something we feel; it’s something we do. So we throw our whole hearts into working with more generosity, more sustainability, and more respect for how our differences empower us as individuals as well as a one team.


Mastermind synergy

With minds in synergy, we are masters of creating a whole that’s greater than its parts. We know progress is more than forward motion; it’s also pausing to reflect, notice how things intersect, and then fuse the best ideas to move forward faster.

Always looking for things to connect, we focus on strengths from diverse perspectives to create best practices that boost success – our customers’ as well as our own.


Dare bigger

Every day, we dare bigger than we dared the day before. We feel more curiosity than risk in the unknown because we know progress happens at the edge, and setbacks are only temporary.

So we have the guts to challenge status quo, try new things, make bold decisions, go first and go bigger in an uncertain world because that is the most certain path to success.


Be in it to win it

When we’re in, we’re all in with a relentless commitment to see our customers win. For us, it’s more than business; it’s personal.

We live and breathe modern commerce, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With over 20 years of experience, expertise and grit, we go the extra mile for our customers, colleagues and success that’s world-class.

At Avensia

We are here to define Modern Commerce

As modern commerce is constantly changing and adapting to new situations, we must push the boundaries of what is possible. For us, defining modern commerce happens as we continuously invent it and reinvent it. Together with our customers we find the edge in modern commerce.