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When retailers are primed for growth, their first thought is rarely PIM. But ensuring centralized collection, distribution and accuracy of product data inside and outside your organization drives growth. Pure and simple. And equally vital, product information management prevents major pitfalls in your business journey.

Reliable, consistent, accurate and accessible product data – wherever it’s needed

Getting PIM right can make or break a business. That’s no exaggeration.

It’s because of the complexity in demands for product information. Mandatory product data is vast and varied. And it’s changing all the time. Then there’s the distribution channels, each with their own rules and requirements.

For every new product you release, these demands grow – and your need for smarter product information management grows along with them.

Our dedicated, automated PIM systems are built to ensure these complexities don’t become a barrier for business growth. They're true PIM solutions that will help you get the most from your product data. We’ll help you improve your existing PIM set-up or build a new PIM system from the ground up.

PIM services include:

  • Discovery workshops – bringing stakeholders together to assess your existing systems, product data use, requirements and much more
  • Strategic advice – helping you define a PIM strategy that ensures you can scale your business effectively
  • Technical implementation – re-shaping and building your new system, using tools supported by our market-leading technology partner inriver PIM
  • Change management – working closely with teams all over your business to ensure everyone is invested in the process
From Chaos to Clarity

Making Sense of the Real Value of PIM and MDM

For companies of almost all shapes and sizes, data management is a complex and challenging undertaking. Our data management team help our clients to turn the chaos of disparate data into clear and simple strategies. This white paper shares some of the thoughts and insights that drive these strategies.

Our PDF generator and PIM connectors

Thanks to our standardized connector, the PIM system is quick to implement. It is also easy to use and very visual. Major brands across the world use solutions built on Inriver’s technology, so it’s a platform you can rely on.

We are continuously building new solutions with the aim of providing better product information management. They all solve different challenges in the everyday management of product data. Our connectors help product and marketing teams speed up, automate and improve processes and time-to-market. These are a few of them: 

Storefront PDF Generator . Integrated in the PIM, the PDF Generator reduces manual and repetitive work and allows for automated mass production of PDF documents. Every change in product data triggers the creation of a new and updated product sheet.   

Storefront ETIM Extension. This specification component in InRiver PMC fuels efficiency and accuracy.  Each product class in the PIM has mandatory fields for all the required data, which must be enriched  according to the ETIM/GS1 standards for that class. 

FINFO connector for suppliers . The connector ensures correct enrichment of products that will be fed to the FINFO database. All products are enriched according to the FINFO standards and requirements, including the Vilma standard.

Validoo Connector. The connector converts data for validation within Validoo, the product database that validates trade item information for all sales channels in Sweden. The ptential benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, consistency and quality of data are enormous.

Thinking of investing in PIM?

How to start a PIM project?

A forthcoming PIM implementation tends to inspire a lot of questions and considerations, often making it a challenge to put your plan into action.

How do I know if a PIM system is right for me?

To find out whether a PIM system is a good investment, you need to ask the right questions and reflect on them from different perspectives.

What is the purpose of a PIM system?

The PIM software supports processes, workflows, and systems for integrations that improves the enrichment of product information. That's a few purposes with a PIM-system.

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