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Product Information Management Solutions

When businesses are primed for growth, their first thought is rarely product information management (PIM). However, product information management prevents major pitfalls in your business journey. This is why ensuring centralized data is essential to driving growth. PIM solutions allow your business to collect, distribute and receive accurate product data both inside and outside your organization. Pure and simple.

Reliable, Consistent & Accessible Product Data

With Avensia you'll get:


End-to-end support from discovery and implementation to training and maintenance


Strategic advice to ensure a scalable PIM that will support your business growth


Technology expertise to help implement a new solution or fine-tune your existing one


Change management support to ensure organization-wide adoption

Benefits of Working with Avensia

Get the Most Out of Your Data


Optimized PIM

Supporting your business needs and objectives


Industry-specific knowledge

Ensuring compliance to data requirements and standards in every region


Experienced partner

You can feel confident your PIM will be set up for long-term success


Proven Technology

Vetted by Avensia’s experts and used to untangle the most complex data challenges

Successful PIM partnerships

At Apohem, product range and accurate product information are critical for our success. Now we have the processes and technology in place to ensure high data quality.

Hans Rofors, CTO, Apohem

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The collaboration with Avensia worked really well. Close and frequent communication have been the key to success, as well as having a partner who knows the PIM solution well, and a structured project.

Ole Fredrik Strøm, Head of Logistics, Armaturjonsson

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End-to-end PIM services

Whether you need to audit and optimize your existing PIM setup or establish a new PIM strategy and process from scratch, we’ve got the expertise and tools to help your business.

Our PIM services include:

  • Discovery workshops – bringing stakeholders together to assess your existing systems, product data use, requirements and much more. We work together with your team to maximize efficiency and align priorities. This collaborative approach is an important step in creating a PIM strategy that works for everyone involved.
  • Strategic advice – helping you define a PIM strategy that ensures you can scale your business effectively. There is no boiler plate solution that works for everyone, which is why we work with you and our extensive network of experts to create the ideal strategy for your business’s unique needs.
  • Technical implementation – once we’ve agreed on the strategy and business objective we recommend the best technology tools to make these a reality. Then we work on re-shaping and building your new system, often using tools supported by our market-leading technology partners inriver or Bluestone PIM. Avensia’s team knows these solutions inside and out, with a long list of projects and certified developers and consultants to back it up.
  • Change management – working closely with teams all over your business to ensure everyone is invested in the process. Communication is a key component of setting expectations throughout the company and making sure everybody is using the PIM solutions in ways that benefit and enrich your business. 
Customer spotlight

Time Savings and Control with New PIM Solution

Armaturjonsson went from three systems and disperse, manual processes for managing product information to a single PIM solution where all data is available.

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PIM Solutions for Businesses in Modern Commerce

Make no mistake - PIM solutions are a major must-have for businesses in today's world of modern commerce.  It's no longer enough to simply have great products; you need to be able to communicate and promote them effectively in order to grow your business.

PIM solutions help businesses bring their product data together in one centralized repository, making it easier for teams all over the company - from marketing to sales - to access and share accurate information with customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Partner with Avensia and we'll help you find the right PIM solutions for your business, allowing you to streamline processes, improve communication and ultimately drive growth. Our experts have years of experience working with the leading technology partner inriver PIM - so let us show you the power of well-managed product information.

From Chaos to Clarity

Making Sense of the Real Value of PIM and MDM

For companies of almost all shapes and sizes, data management is a complex and challenging undertaking. Our data management team help our clients to turn the chaos of disparate data into clear and simple strategies. This white paper shares some of the thoughts and insights that drive these strategies. 

Let’s Talk Product Information!

With experience from hundreds of information management projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

Find out how Avensia’s PIM experts can help you fuel your business growth with data. Provide your contact information and we will be in touch very soon.