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In-Store Checkout Solutions

Offering your customers a user friendly in-store self-checkout option brings tons of benefits. It speeds up the customer experience, frees up personnel, and provides a great opportunity for omnichannel success. And don’t worry about complex implementation, we’ll help you easily add an in-store checkout solution to your existing commerce technology.

Enable True Omnichannel Experiences

With Avensia’s in-store checkout you’ll get:


Web-based functionality means no app required for the customer and no hardware for you


Flexible set-up to support your campaigns, dynamic pricing, loyalty schemes, gift cards and more


Integration with store POS for receipts, tracking and smooth accounting


Ability to customize the self-checkout solution to your brand and business needs

Benefits of Avensia In-Store Checkout

Proven Ready-to-Use Technology


Easy to implement

Our web-based self-checkout solution doesn’t require any new hardware and is easily connected to your existing e-commerce and POS technology.


Smooth buying experience

Empowering your customers to self-checkout through their own smartphones allows your store staff to focus on providing great service.


Minimal up-front investment

No hardware required and smooth implementation means you can get up and running quickly with our proven in-store checkout solution.


Omnichannel expertise

When you start working with Avensia you’ll get access to experiences and best practices from some of the most successful omnichannel businesses.

Some of our Successful Customers

Combining the service in store and the simplicity of the self-service checkout we bring the best of offline and online to create a better customer journey.

A Win-Win Solution

Empowering your customers with self-checkout through their own smartphones is an incredible opportunity for retailers. It’s a chance to improve the customer experience and, therefore, strengthen your customer base.

Avensia’s smart self-checkout solution creates faster, smoother buying experiences that are great for both you and your customers. You can handle more customers more easily – allowing your staff to focus on providing great service. As such, the self-checkout is an excellent addition to your omnichannel strategy.

Plus, our self-checkout solution is simple and affordable for retailers to implement. That’s because our web-based self-checkout system doesn’t require any new hardware.

It’s truly a win-win solution.

Success story

KICKS Enables Seamless Shopping Experiences

Connecting physical stores with high-performing e-commerce, the KICKS digital eco-system gives the customer a seamless experience for relevant and inspirational shopping. The mobile self-checkout solution empowers both customers and staff with a smooth way of handling payments.

Easy to Implement In-Store Checkout Technology

Many businesses are missing out on the benefits of self-checkout because they’re worried about the complicated implementation and high upfront cost. Our solution eliminates both of these problems right off the bat.

The Avensia self-checkout solution is entirely web-based, so there is no messy and expensive installation process in your stores. That also means no downtime for development.

While our self-checkout system has none of the downsides of hardware-based solutions, it brings with it all of the benefits. Your customers get to enjoy a faster, smoother checkout experience while more of your personnel are freed up to provide excellent customer service.

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