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The New E-Commerce Site Takes Dormy to Europe

When market leading golf retailer Dormy started their internationalization journey they soon realized that a strong e-commerce site was the key to success. Dormy put Avensia at test right from the start with a challenging deadline and go-live in the middle of peak season. The result? Hole in one. 

Type of project

E-commerce site supporting 8 different markets throughout Europe.  

Core products & technology

Avensia Excite with commercetools, Contentful, Voyado, Apptus and inriver. 



Dormy has built a future-proof platform to support the continued growth and expansion in Europe leveraging a composable architecture that combines a set of best-of-breed solutions.


Dormy’s ambition is to become the largest golf retailer in Europe by offering the same high quality customer support in digital channels as in the company’s 13 department stores.  

international markets
6.8 %

increased conversion rate

35 %

increase in sessions with search

The Challenge

A Foundation for International Expansion

In 2018 Dormy decided to take their business outside of the home market Sweden leveraging the e-commerce channel. Early on they realized that the existing e-commerce platform would not be able to support the international journey. The expansion meant increasing traffic volumes and new customer demands. Hence the new needed to be developed with flexibility and customer-centricity in focus.

Dormy went to market for a solution and partner that could support:

  • Large visitor volumes and high performance even during campaign periods
  • Expansions into new markets in the future
  • First-class customer experience throughout the entire buying journey
  • Connection to Dormy’s CRM system and customer club for superior customer service

When conducting research in a wide industry network all recommendations pointed in the same direction: Avensia. Here Dormy found a trusted partner that has helped many businesses with similar challenges to be successful in their e-commerce business. In addition, they got a modern, modular technology platform that would take Dormy into the future.

We chose Avensia Excite because we needed a stable and scalable solution that could match our ambitious growth targets.
The Solution

Successful Go-Live in the Middle of Peak Season

Dormy’s new e-commerce site was built leveraging a modular architecture, so called composable commerce. A number of best-of-breed solutions, including the commerce system, CMS, CRM and search engine are combined to a platform that meets Dormy’s specific business needs. Avensia Excite works both as the connector of different modules and as an accelerator that enables a speedy launch of a solid e-commerce site.

When Dormy turned to Avensia for help to build the new site the plan was to launch after the summer’s peak season. But when they realized all the benefits that would come with the new site the team took the somewhat risky decision to move the launch date three months earlier and go live with the site in the middle of the golf season when the pressure from customers is higher than ever.

Looking back, this was the right decision. Already a few weeks after go-live Dormy experienced positive results on key customer engagement metrics including an improved conversion rate and a big increase in the number of sessions where the visitor use the internal search function to find the right products.

We put Avensia at test directly with a really tight deadline. Plus, we chose to launch in the middle of peak season which was a risk. But Avensia did a great job and together we managed to go live with the site and show strong results right from the start.
Continous work

Close Collaboration for Continuous Improvements

After the intensive launch project Dormy’s collaboration with Avensia entered a new phase. The joint team now works continuously with improvements and new functionality on the e-commerce site. The goal is clear: to offer the same high level of customer service through digital channels as the customer experience in the physical stores.

Thanks to the successful launch project we’ve build a mutual trust that lays a foundation for our continued long-term partnership. With Avensia’s experience in e-commerce and our industry expertise we have everything we need to continue to drive our business forward.” – Anders Wall, CEO Dormy

One example of continued development is the digital club selector that helps online shoppers to find the right golf club based on the customer’s unique needs and golf style. Here, Avensia has made sure that the expertise and knowledge of Dormy’s staff have been built into a user friendly online tool.



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