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commercetools Cloud Commerce Platform

When you’ve experienced truly seamless shopping, nothing less will satisfy. commercetools is a next-generation e-commerce cloud platform for retailers to offer brilliant shopping experiences across touchpoints. It’s the foundation for our Avensia Excite solution, offering unrivaled flexibility and scalability for our customers’ e-commerce projects.

Greater Flexibility Across Touchpoints With commercetools

commercetools gives retailers the building blocks of brilliant websites that stretch beyond their borders. As a headless cloud commerce platform, it separates front-end and back-end functionality – enabling you to create a seamless shopping experience across all digital touchpoints.

The flexible API allows for interaction with customers via webshops, mobile apps, voice assistants, AR/VR applications, social networks and much more. It also offers a catalogue of 300+ API endpoints for your cloud commerce projects, which you can consume á la carte.

Cloud commerce is already helping shape modern commerce ambitions with seamless shopping experiences for several of our clients. commercetools cloud commerce is the ideal starting point for customized e-commerce sites.

commercetools cloud commerce benefits include:

  • Ability to connect to all front-end applications
  • Unlimited scalability for your business
  • Easier customization and iteration thanks to the agile, modular architecture
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved profitability by significantly reducing your development time and resources
  • No proprietary skills needed
  • Lowest TCO in the industry thanks to a cloud-native solution with a flexible API at its core
  • Ability to focus on your core competencies while we guarantee the performance and availability of the solution
Avensia Excite

Fast, flexible and scalable commerce

Built on commercetools, Avensia Excite is scalable without limits and the microservices architecture gives you an unlimited assortment of building blocks to compose a solution completely adapted to your specific needs.

Offering E-Commerce Solutions With commercetools


Global software company commercetools are leaders in headless and  composable commerce.  As partners, offering a complete e-commerce infrastructure built on the commercetools platform (Storefront Excite), we prepare your business for the future, with next-generation digital commerce solutions.

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