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Build Your Omnichannel Commerce Strategy

Omnichannel retail is getting a lot of buzz, and for good reason. Even with the online boom, omnichannel brands are outperforming online-only retailers. We will help you build an omnichannel strategy that plays to each channel’s strengths while creating a great customer journey – everywhere they go.

Omnichannel harmony

Creating seamlessness between channels

Omnichannel comprises a lot of important aspects for retail as a part of modern commerce.

You may recognize tangible omnichannel outputs like click-and-collect and curbside pick-up. Behind the scenes, a good omnichannel strategy is fundamentally about connecting channels. Yet a great omnichannel strategy is also about optimizing each channel. Ensuring every channel is playing to its strengths.

As a whole, your omnichannel strategy is about removing friction in customer journeys – creating harmony, business benefits, and great customer experiences.

It’s a retail puzzle worth solving. And we are here to solve it.

Unified commerce for omnichannel success

For any omnichannel strategy, we start by unifying the data you need to share across channels. We call this unified commerce. From there, we create what we call a headless architecture approach. This allows you to continuously add and optimize channels in your omnichannel ecosystem.

Omnichannel projects vary in scale and approach. Services and themes typically include:

  • Customer behavior research, data and analysis
  • Business review and recommendations
  • Technical architecture review
  • Roadmap and prioritizing
  • System implementations
  • Change management and competence
  • Interim and support
  • Best practice and innovation

Omnichannel commerce strategies need omni-expertise

Our strength as omnichannel strategists is in connecting things. That includes our own areas of expertise across the business and across our partner network.

We’ve been building e-commerce, data platforms and strategies for some of the world’s most demanding retailers for years. In the process, we’ve amassed dozens of strategists to help our customers innovate and adapt to a changing retail landscape.

Our omnichannel experts truly understand the front-end and back-end of retail. That ensures that we will deliver a full-coverage omnichannel strategy for your company. Better still, our extensive network of pioneering partners fill any other gap that may appear – providing e-commerce tools, trends and insights, MDM technology and more.

The result is an end-to-end, comprehensive perspective on your omnichannel strategy. A real opportunity to make your business a modern commerce success story.

Ready to unify your channels?

With experience from hundreds of digital commerce and business development projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

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