Customer Experience Strategy & Solutions

At Avensia, we see the customer experience as a moving target. Great customer experience strategy is centered around the user's habits, preferences and behaviors. We help your business create superior customer experiences that keep pace with the ever changing customer journey.

Upgrade Your CX Strategy With User-Led Designs & Loyalty-Driven Commerce

The brands building the best customer experiences are winning. Customer expectations are continuously evolving. And the margins between a good and bad customer interaction can be relatively small. A slightly smoother check-out. A more relevant recommendation. Customer touchpoints like these can make a difference in the user's digital experience.

Customer experience can be the differentiating factor among a sea of similar products. In a world where there are so many choices, customers will gravitate toward the brands that make them feel good.

Creating a great customer experience is about more than just providing good customer service. It's about creating an emotional connection with your customers and making them feel valued. It's about creating a seamless customer journey and providing a consistent experience across all channels. And it's about using data to understand your customers' needs and expectations.

We’re proven experts in creating user-led digital commerce platforms and customer loyalty strategies that stem from the hidden potential in your CRM. At Avensia, our strength in customer experience management comes from our rich blend of strategic and technical expertise. We talk the CX talk and walk the CX walk to ensure positive customer experiences.

Our Customer Experience Services

UX and Web Design

User experience is at the heart of everything we do. We design and build digital platforms that focus on creating the best possible experience for the user – whether that’s an e-commerce site, a mobile app or a loyalty program. No matter what the device, channel or context, we make sure the experience is as smooth, relevant and engaging as possible.

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CRM and Loyalty

We’re experts in CRM and loyalty, with a deep understanding of how to get the most out of your customer data. We use this knowledge to create programs and platforms that improve customer loyalty and advocacy, as well as increase lifetime value. As important as the customer experience is to the health of your business, creating and maintaining a base of reliable repeat customers forms the core of our mission.

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White Paper: The State of Customer Loyalty

Building strong customer loyalty is both more important than ever and harder than ever. In this white paper we’ll share the latest research on customer loyalty and give you practical tips on how your brand can make loyalty-driven commerce work for you.

Ready to Take Your CX to The Next Level?

We are experts within the field of Customer Experience and Loyalty and together we have been helping companies build loyalty-driven commerce in an omni-channel context for decades. 

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