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UX and Web Design

In modern commerce, UX (user experience) dictates conversion rate. Yet all too often, user experiences don’t truly reflect customers’ wants and needs. When we fix the UX, conversions soar. Our UX and Design team helps you create experiences that matter – quickly progressing from UX ideation to web design, prototype and implementation.

UX in e-commerce design

Better user experiences that keep getting better

For e-commerce design, user experience is our beginning and end.

The behavioral data we unlock shapes every aspect of your e-commerce design. And just as importantly, when your site is launched, the agility of the UX solution allows you to constantly iterate and improve the design with usage data.

The end result is an inspirational and relevant user experience that keep getting better.

Our UX specialists are seasoned experts in digital commerce, responsive web design, digital transformation and inclusive accessibility rules. We can also assist you with all brand, web design and content challenges that come along the UX transformation journey.

Our UX team’s expertise process typically includes:

  • Discovery and detailing workshops
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Interaction design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • User research and testing
  • Information architecture
  • Brand design
  • Content strategy
  • Design management

User experience that always feels fast

With good UX web design and clever engineering, sites can feel faster than what raw response times suggest.

Our solutions make perceived performance less reliant on technical performance. Using smart web design strategies, we can distance user experiences from the network connection quality. The innovative architecture speeds up response times and keeps the commerce site UX reliable – even when the network is unstable, like when a user is on the go.

Case story - Lyko

Increased demands for performance and stability

The innovative architecture speeds up response times and makes the mobile site stable, even when the network is unstable, e.g. on a train or on a bus. A significant part of Lyko’s target group wanted just that, so Lyko and Avensia realized the idea together.

Modular approach for rapid project timelines

A modular approach to e-commerce design allows us to build brilliant, scalable websites quickly and efficiently.

The system is based on a library of reusable web design pages, layouts, patterns and components that mix and match to build any number of applications. Pre-designed components and sub-components can form start pages, category pages, product listings, product pages, checkout pages and much more. And we can easily adapt all pages and components to your brand guidelines and UX.

When timelines are short, this modular approach combined with our pre-packaged starter site gets you up and running fast. We’ve already helped many retailers launch or advance their e-commerce operations with remarkable speed, see our Coop case story for eaxmple. 

Ready for better user experience?

We are experts within the field of Customer Experience and Loyalty and together we have been helping companies build loyalty-driven commerce in an omni-channel context for decades.

Book a meeting with us and we will be happy to tell you more about the work we do and how we can help your company. Provide your contact information and we will be in touch very soon.