Web & UX Design Services

Do you want to offer customers amazing brand experiences or develop an efficient e-commerce site that maximizes conversions? With Avensia, you can do both. Our experienced UX designers are experts in usability, branding, accessibility as well as e-commerce. We help optimize your site for sales while keeping the customer's experience front and center.

Designing Winning E-Commerce Sites

With Avensia you’ll get:


Conversion driven UX with best practices from leading e-commerce businesses.


Brand experiences seamlessly connecting channels and touchpoints.


User research & usability testing to understand your customers' behavior, needs and preferences.


End-to-end support from our multi-disciplinary team of e-commerce experts.

Benefits of Working with Avensia

Integrated E-Commerce & UX Expertise

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E-Commerce Powerhouse

We drive efficiency through collaboration in cross-functional teams of UX designers, developers, strategists and data analysts.


UX Design Best Practices

Our experienced team has designed and optimized sites for some of the most successful brands in the industry.


Usability Focus from Start

We help you ensure a user centered approach for your e-commerce project from day one.


Long-term partner

We’re in it for the long run to support your business with ongoing optimizations of user experiences.

Some of Our Successful Customers:

We Create Experiences that Matter

Our UX and design team helps you create experiences that matter – quickly progressing from UX ideation to design, usability testing and implementation.

If your current site is not performing to your ambitions, we'll help you identify where things go wrong, test new options and take action to remove friction in the customer journey. Always with a data-driven and customer-centric approach.


Our UX Design Offering Includes:

  • Conversion driven design for e-commerce
  • Discovery and detailing workshops
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Accessible design
  • User research and usability testing
  • Visual identity development and adaptation
  • Ongoing user experience optimizations
  • New functionality development and design
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Offering highlights

Conversion Driven UX

We've got years of experience driving successful projects and breaking ground at the forefront of e-commerce development. We use data findings, best practices and user research to support the foundation of our UX. But also, never taking shortcuts when adapting and modifying our solutions to best fit your business and customer’s needs. Our agile way of working means we can quickly adapt to any changes in behavioral patterns that show in your customer data

Brand Experience

We are experts in crafting digital experiences that people love. We know how to manage and adapt your brand to your digital space. Our team can help with everything from full brand makeovers to finetuning digital style guides or supporting your in-house designers. Always making sure your brand can work at its full potential without losing sight of conversion and usability. A great and inspiring user interface lies in the details. We build modern commerce solutions that are not only accessible and on brand, but they are also carefully crafted for best performance and easy adaptation.

User Research and Usability Testing

User insights are keys to success. We talk to your end customers to identify what is driving them and what they are trying to achieve. This knowledge, together with the latest usability standards and research in modern commerce, helps us design the best experience. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct structured and agile usability testing and research. This helps us assess and verify both current solutions and new implementations, finding pain-points and unlocking new areas of potential.

Accessible Design

Do you welcome all visitors to your site? Research shows that one out of four adults in the EU has some sort of disability. An inaccessible e-commerce solution means limiting your customer base and shutting out many people from buying your products. Plus, the upcoming European Accessibility Act will apply to many e-commerce businesses. Let our experienced team review your site to identify any issues and provide a hands-on action list to ensure best practice accessible design as well as great brand experiences.


Why UX Can’t Be an Afterthought in a Successful E-com Project

UX needs to be the foundation rather than a layer on top if you want a successful e-commerce project. Because if you thought UX is just about design, then you’re very much mistaken. 


Let’s Talk UX Design!

Our team has helped winning businesses deliver fantastic customer experiences while driving strong e-commerce results.

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