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With their scalable modern commerce solution, Kjell & Company can offer their customers a digital interface that seamlessly links the web with the physical stores. The scalable platform allows them to continuously expand their digital service offering and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Type of project:

E-commerce, digital strategy


Create a digital ecosystem for a completely seamless omnichannel customer journey. Focus on knowledge-sharing and giving customers a world class customer service, no matter if the customer interacts online and offline.


A scalable modern commerce solution that can significantly reduce time to market for new services, a solid base for further development of digital offerings, enabling Kjell & Company to quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviour. 

The challenge

A future-proof platform for modern consumers

Kjell & Company is an omnichannel retailer in the home electronics segment.  They are well known for their excellent service and knowledgeable staff and have always stayed in the forefront of commerce technology in order to offer their customers the best possibles experiences.

Avensia and Kjell & Company have  been partners in tech since 2011, always in agreement that technology should empower retailers to be customer-focused and adapt their offer to the always changing behaviour of modern consumers.   

Kjell & Company had big plans for their future digital offerings and needed a solid ground to build them on. They decided to move the site to the Optimizely Commerce Cloud platform with Avensia's framework Avensia Nitro on top, a combination which has been a highly successful combination for omnichannel retailers in other industries. 

In addition to the speed and performance that Nitro brings, it is also built with an architecture that can stand the test of time and allow swift additions of new functionality. 


The solution

A site centered around knowledge-sharing

In October 2019 Kjell & Company went live with their new site, following 9 months of development with the dedicated team at Avensia. By upgrading to modern digital commerce technology, Kjell & Company can offer their customers a blazingly fast site. It is centered around knowledge-sharing and technical counseling, and has a design adapted to modern buying behavior.  

The site is also designed to serve as the main sales tool for the staff in Kjell & Company's popular physical stores, where customers come for advice and world-class service. 

Rebuilding the website on the Optimizely Commerce Cloud platform with the Avensia Nitro framework has vastly improved the user experience: the website is faster and simpler to navigate. As a direct result of that choice, the conversion rate has increased, and the time spent on the website has decreased as customers need less time to make a purchase.

The choices in technology that we made with Avensia have produced definite results.
Webinar on-demand

How Kjell & Company are scaling their omnichannel business

Learn how Kjell & Company have used their innovative mindset and flexible digital platform to adjust their offer according to customer behavior and needs, both before and during the pandemic. Aired November 12, 2020.

Continuous work

Multiplying their digital services - quickly

Kjell & Company are constantly developing their site and their offer together with Avensia. They are using customer data to make decisions and are always looking to be innovative.

As the pandemic struck, the flexibility of their new digital commerce solution allowed Kjell & Company to act quickly.  They accelerated the work to realise many of their plans for digital services. They used their loyalty platform, Voyado, to be able to communicate with people about their closest store and how they could make safe purchases. They also launched a number of safe ways of shopping:

  • Curb-side pickup of Click and Collect purchases in just 15 minutes
  • Live stream shopping
  • One-to-one online video calls between customer and tech expert
  • Online queing to video assistance in local store. Customers can take a queue number on the website and will get assistance online when a sales person is available. Payments are handled on the phone and the products are delivered to the customer outside the store.
The platform work with Avensia has been very intense and rewarding. With this new platform we are given new possibilities to communicate with our customers in a faster and more personal manner.


From day one, Avensia have had a central role in the daily work with our loyalty program.

Jenny Östblom, CRM Manager, ÖoB

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Our site has an eye on every part of our range and can recommend the right products according to what suits each customer's specific needs.

Mårten Forssell, Head of eBusiness, Ahlsell Sverige

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