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From product focus to customer focus

Swedish discounter chain ÖoB has embarked upon a digitalization journey together with loyalty platform provider Voyado and Avensia's advisory team specialized in CX & Loyalty. The first part of the journey shifted the company focus from the products to the customers.

Type of project

Loyalty & CRM, Business strategy, Digital strategy

Core products & technology:



With our expertise in Customer Experience and CRM, Avensia helped ÖoB with change management, customer surveys, analyses and concept development for the loyalty program.


Modernize the company by starting a digital transformation and become more customer focused.  The initial goals were to get the entire organization onboard, and to launch a loyalty program.

The project

Launch a loyalty program

Avensia's commerce advisors helped ÖoB with extensive strategy work before the launch of the loyalty program. Data from marketing, workshops and customer surveys served as the base for the concept development. The entire organization needed to be committed to a new way of working. One of the goals  was to change marketing focus  from postal codes to names. 

The loyalty platform, Voyado, helps ÖoB to analyze customer data, gain insights about their customers and adapt their communication and offer accordingly. The new strategy and the digital transformation  helps ÖoB to build a more modern company. 

The loyalty program, called Lågprisklubben, now enables ÖoB to turn customers into regular and returning customers, which also strengthens their position among competitors. 

From day one, Avensia have had a central role in the daily work with our loyalty program. Their professionalism, expertise and heart have taken us through even the toughest of challenges, with an energetic attitude and really good teamwork.
1.3 million

members in the loyalty program

50 %

of purchases are made by members

50 %

 higher average purchase value from members compared to non-members

Continuous work

Further concept development and strategy work

Since the launch of the loyalty program, Avensia are still working with ÖoB, both strategically and in operations. The loyalty platform, Voyado enables ÖoB to turn customer data into insights, and Avensia helps ÖoB to optimize the use of the platform. The common goal is to continuosly enhance the loyalty concept and the customer experience

Avensia's commerce advisors also help ÖoB with: 

  • The strategic roadmap
  • Act as strategic soundingboard
  • Data-driven optimizations
  • Hands-on work in Voyado


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