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Apohem Sets the Foundation for Fast Growth

Apohem has developed from being a challenger start-up to Sweden’s fastest growing online pharmacy in just a few years. A data-driven approach, firm focus on the customer experience and a passionate team are some of the keys to success. Together with a stable technology platform as foundation for continued growth.

Avensia delivery

Launched a brand-new e-commerce site and a new product information management solution in 2021. Ongoing collaboration for technology and strategy optimizations since then.

Core products & technology

Avensia Nitro, Optimizely Commerce Cloud, inriver and Voyado



Build a stable and scalable platform to support Apohem’s ambitious growth targets as well as the need to continuously develop the customer experience in order to succeed in a highly competitive industry.


Deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives sales, loyalty and long-term growth

The Challenge

A Suit That Matches the Ambition

Apohem has quickly developed to be Sweden’s fastest growing online pharmacy. As a challenger brand in a strongly competitive industry they early on decided on a strategy to win the trust of the customer – to offer the best customer experience to ensure customers want to come back to Apohem, again and again. 

During this journey they realized that the previous e-commerce platform would not be able to support the volumes and expectations that the fast growth pace would bring. Apohem needed a larger suit to match the high ambitions. Or, in technology terms: a scalable platform with high performance and flexible functionality. 

Apohem has a best-of-breed strategy, meaning they want to work with the best vendors in each area of business. When the realized they needed a new e-commerce platform in order to continue the fast growth journey they went looking for an experienced partner with proven success in the e-commerce space. 

”We selected Avensia because of their strong technology competence and their proven, scalable solution. But also because Avensia work with the best e-commerce companies in Sweden which gives us an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in that community.”– Erik Lundin, Commercial Director, Apohem 

We selected Avensia because of their strong technology competence and their proven, scalable solution.
The Solution

Doctor’s Prescription: A Stable Scalable Platform

The new Apohem e-commerce site is built on Avensia Nitro and Optimizely Commerce Cloud. The combination of Optimizely’s solid platform and the Nitro framework that includes built in best practices from hundreds of e-commerce projects provides Apohem with a stable site with high performance to cater for the most hectic campaign periods. 

“Apohem has just started its growth journey and together with Avensia we now have a platform that can scale and support extensive growth. This means we can focus on what is most important for us, our customer.” – Gustav Hasselgren, CEO, Apohem 

But an e-commerce site is nothing without accurate and up to date product information. Avensia’s experts helped Apohem to implement internal processes and a new solution to manage product data. As a result, all product information is available in one system with clear ownership for maintenance and updates. 

“At Apohem, product range and accurate product information are critical for our success. Now we have the processes and technology in place to ensure high data quality. We can now launch new products really quickly and feel confident product information is always correct.” - Hans Rofors, CTO, Apohem 

Apohem has just started its growth journey and together with Avensia we now have a platform that can scale and support extensive growth.
Continous collaboration

Close Communication And an Agile Team Solve All Challenges

After the launch of the new e-commerce site the collaboration between Apohem and Avensia has entered a phase of continuous development and optimizations to further improve the customer experience on the site. 

“It is fun to work with Avensia. We have chat conversations going on almost all day long and to me it feels like they are a part of our team.” – Erik Lundin, Commercial Director, Apohem 

Thanks to a close and open communication in the joint team, a data-driven approach and best practices from other Avensia customers the team has been able to quickly solve challenges or launch new functionality on the site. Always with Apohem’s end customer in focus. 

“We constantly test new things on the site in order to improve the customer experience. Regardless of what idea we have and how complicated it may seem, Avensia has always been able to provide a solution.” – Erik Lundin, Commercial Director, Apohem 

At Apohem the pace is as high as their ambitions. Now that the foundation for growth with a solid e-commerce platform is in place, the objective is to take the customer experience to the next level. 

“We don’t just want to be the best online pharmacy on the market, we want to stand out compared to all e-commerce businesses. Avensia is an important partner to help challenges us and continue to develop the customer experience to ensure we stay in the forefront of the industry.” – Hans Rofors, CTO, Apohem 

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