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Bygghemma Builds an MDM Solution for the Future

Construction material and DIY omnichannel retailer Bygghemma has reconstructed their master data management solution. Together with Avensia’s expert team they’ve build a solid ground for efficient information management and high-quality product data throughout the customer journey.


Construction material and DIY



Project scope

Business Transformation, Information Management



Syndigo MDM



The challenge

Legacy Technology and Disconnected Data

Prior to implementing the new Master Data Management (MDM) solution from Syndigo, data related to products and vendors was stored in several different systems, including a custom-built PIM and the company’s ERP.

Bygghemma realized that this highly customized IT landscape with limited automation and integration capabilities would prevent them to achieve the speed, scalability and operating leverage they needed to continue on their growth path.

The strategic decision was made to invest in standalone systems with clearly defined areas of responsibility to streamline work processes. This best-of-breed strategy allows Bygghemma to implement Syndigo to an integration layer, making it easier to replace or modify the MDM solution as well as related applications when necessary.

The new MDM solution plays a key role in our strategy to build a robust and scalable technology stack that’ll support our business growth.
The solution

Efficient & Scalable Data Management

Avensia’s expert team was brought in to design the new Master Data Management solution in a way that will help Bygghemma to:

  • Store large data volumes and a wide range of data types, beyond products and vendors.
  • Enable automated workflows to streamline internal product management.
  • Support sustainable business growth, scalability and competitive edge.

The new MDM solution is a solid foundation for Bygghemma’s continued growth. Thanks to a single data storage and streamlined information management processes the business will achieve great efficiency gains as well as improved data quality throughout the customer journey.

The Avensia team has been instrumental in designing the Syndigo solution to best fit our current and future needs as well as guiding us to best practice data models, governance processes and workflows.

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