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Noka Sets Customers First with Flexible Subscription Services

As an innovator in dietary products with ambitious growth targets, Noka needed to modernize its subscription service to better serve today’s digitally savvy consumer. Avensia’s team supported Noka with business processes and strategic advice as well as development of a fully digital and flexible customer journey.


Dietary and weight loss products



Project scope

Business Transformation, E-Commerce, Customer Experience





Avensia Nitro, Optimizely Commerce Cloud, Voyado Engage & Voyado Elevate



Avensia played a key role in the development of our subscription business. Their expertise and guidance have been critical to get both business model and technology tools in place to support our ambitious growth journey.
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From Excel Sheets to a Fully Digital and Personalized Customer Journey

Founded in 1997 Noka has steadily built a strong brand presence within the target audience in Norway. When the company was acquired by beauty retail chain Vita Group in 2021 a new chapter began. With the ambition to expand reach for the popular Noka dietary products and rapidly grow market share, the team decided to invest in a fully digital subscription platform.

Avensia was engaged as the strategy and technology partner. The joint Avensia-Noka team has developed:

  • A solid subscription business model
  • Digital support for internal processes
  • Data models for product information
  • E-commerce site (Avensia Nitro/Optimizely) with support for recurring orders
  • My pages functionality with built-in flexibility enabling customers to easily change, pause and repeat orders
  • CRM tool (Voyado) with support for automated and personalized communication
  • Excellent user experience (UX) throughout the customer journey

Long gone are the excel spreadsheets previously used to manage customer subscriptions and orders! Thanks to Avensia, Noka is now charged to accelerate customer satisfaction – and business growth.

Working with Avensia is fun and motivating. Everyone, from the project lead to UX designers and developers, are very engaged in our business and committed to finding the best solution for us. I see the Avensia people as an extension of our internal team.

Building Loyalty Through Excellent User Experience

Customer retention and loyalty are extremely important in a subscription business. The new Voyado CRM tool allows Noka to increase the value they bring to customers through relevant communication.

Now that all customer data is gathered through the e-commerce site and stored in the Voyado CRM, Noka can for example:

Offer customers to change products, package size, delivery frequency and more, in the My Pages section.

Automate communication based on triggers such as subscription start and end date.

Send personalized content with inspiration and dietary advise based on where the customer is in their weight loss journey.

Optimize customer journeys based on data such as allergies, order history, website visits etc.

Noka First Out with Subscriptions in the Vita Group

Now that the technology platform and business processes for subscription management are in place, new opportunities arise. Together with Avensia, Noka has built a strong foundation to expand its business into new geographies and markets. In addition, the subscription model can be leveraged for other product categories within the Vita group in the future.

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, subscriptions redefine the game, with their inherent complexity and vast growth potential. It has been an interesting challenge, together with Avensia, to craft the customer journey from scratch. With great anticipation, we look forward to unleashing the potential of our new platform.

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