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Market-Leading B2B E-Commerce Experience

Norway’s largest wholesalers of plumbing material Brødrene Dahl has a clear and ambitious goal: to offer the best B2B customer experience in the country. Together with Avensia they’ve launched a new e-commerce site, inspired by B2C online shopping journeys, and optimized the buying experience throughout all customer touchpoints.


Wholesaler of heating, ventilation and sanitation technology products



Project scope

Business Transformation, E-Commerce, Information Management, Customer Experience





Avensia Nitro, Optimizely, Voyado Elevate, Bluestone PIM




I’m very impressed by the project execution and how well our teams have collaborated. Avensia has made sure everyone involved keeps their eyes on the project goals so that we stay on track. We’ve been able to launch the new e-commerce site on time and on budget, which is hard to say about a lot of IT projects.

From Order Forms to Inspiring Buying Journeys

Previously, the online sales channel at Brødrene Dahl consisted of a traditional B2B site. Customers were forced to log in with their account credentials to view the assortment. The buying procedure included several steps, much like an old-school order form.

The new e-commerce site has revolutionized the shopping experience. Today, visitors can view all products as guests without the need to log in. This means end-customers can do their product research directly on the site. In many cases, these are homeowners planning to redecorate their bathroom and selecting interior elements together with their building contractor.

In addition, Brødrene Dahl has launched a number of product sites aiming to support end-customers in their research and selection process. These sites present a range of products in an inspiring environment that consumers recognize from B2C online shopping.

Contracted pricing and terms are still only visible for logged-in business buyers. For Brødrene Dahl’s customers this means a smoother ordering process as well as improved communication with their end-customers.

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