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Busting 5 Myths About Pre-packaged E-commerce Platforms

Apr 18, 2023

With the rise of pre-packaged platforms come misconceptions and inaccurate assumptions. In this article, we demystify five common myths.

Are you considering a pre-packaged e-commerce platform? There are several myths about the approach flourishing in our LinkedIn feeds. Lock-in effect, steep total cost of ownership, limited customization, and more. But are these accurate? Read on to find out. 


1. My Partner Wants to Establish a Lock-in Effect

The first, and perhaps most common myth about pre-packaged platforms is the lock-in effect. Many e-commerce businesses are afraid of relying too heavily on their platform partner and are wary of becoming too loyal. But is there any truth to the partiality of the lock-in effect?

Regardless if you build a platform from scratch, or use a pre-packaged option, it will result in the same level of dependency on your partner. Opting for a pre-packaged platform, such as Avensia Excite might actually be a better choice, as these platforms come with thorough documentation and established ways of working.

Plus, Avensia Excite is built to encourage code and knowledge-sharing to and between clients. The approach is all about offering the necessary foundation and allowing the e-commerce business to add its own custom flavor on top. Regardless of which route you’re taking, it’s fundamental to scrutinize the pros and cons of a pre-packaged platform vs full ownership.


2. My TCO Will Skyrocket with a Pre-packaged Platform

Being cost-conscious is fundamental to succeed in e-commerce. Consequently, you must pay close attention to the total cost of ownership. A pre-packaged approach comes with multiple licensing and managing this may seem time-consuming. But does a pre-packaged solution equal an increased TCO?

The answer is yes and no. Short-term, it will drive high costs. However, it’s key to have the big picture in mind and compare a pre-packaged solution with the investment of starting from scratch. 

With a pre-packaged platform such as Avensia Excite, you can switch out components that are costly or perform poorly. Also, it’s possible to exclude those you don’t need any longer. As a bonus, you can benefit from updated components enabling you to sell more. Plus, technical debt will be less of a problem, as bug fixes won’t take up your time.

Just like any composable commerce architecture, it can seem costly to license with many different best-of-breed solutions. However, a platform partner working with multiple clients has often negotiated substantial discounts creating a leverage effect.

3. A Pre-packaged Platform Prevents Me from Customization and Creativity

Can a pre-packaged platform truly cater to my specific needs, or does it limit customization and creativity? Many e-commerce perceives pre-packaged solutions as a one size fits all alternative without the possibility of opting for customization.

In a pre-packaged platform, such as Avensia Excite, all components are exchangeable and implemented according to specific customer requirements which gives you endless possibilities for customization and creativity, now and in the future. However, it’s common to use what’s already available in the platform. This has nothing to do with technical limitations, but rather with the client’s cost consciousness. The possibilities are endless but dependent on your budget.

4. My Partner Offers Fixed Pricing to Boost Its Margins

A common misconception is that your platform partner offers a fixed pricing model only to boost internal efficiency by reducing the number of hours spent on a project, and consequently, increasing their margins. Let’s demystify this assumption.

E-commerce is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry. The same reality applies to platform providers. Oftentimes, going to market with fixed pricing is a way for your partner to position themselves as the most cost-efficient choice to win the case. In other words, they simply want your business.

5. A Pre-packaged Platform Will Reduce My Page Speed Performance

Page speed performance is key to meeting the needs of today’s demanding shoppers. But does a pre-packaged platform come with technical restrictions that decrease page speed performance?

To a great extent, page speed performance depends on what you add on top of your e-commerce foundation. With a strong technical framework and well-perceived performance, it’s common to increase third-party GTM scripts, Facebook pixels, cookie consents etc. This can decrease your page speed performance. Nevertheless, with a strong pre-packaged e-commerce platform, you are likely to have a faster and more agile solution than ever before.

Plus, a pre-packaged solution such as Avensia Excite has been battle tested and optimized with every project. As a result, the performance of these platforms often outrivals starting from scratch when it comes to cost and effort.

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