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In today's world trends, customer behaviors and innovations change on a daily basis. Businesses need to be agile and flexible to keep up, or stay ahead, of the pace. Do you have the technology platform that truly supports your business objectives? One that you can adapt to your business – and not the other way around?

Composable commerce allows you to build a customized, modular and flexible platform to set you up for long-term success. Watch the video to learn more. ⬇️

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What Is Your Approach to Composable Commerce?

There are different ways to tackle a composable commerce project. Building a composable commerce platform from the ground up requires time, effort and knowledge. Depending on your organizational readiness, technical resources, and budget, a pre-packaged or ‘composed’ solution might be a better choice. 

Pre-packaged Composable Solution 

  • A set of pre-connected modules, combined to work in perfect harmony
  • Offers great flexibility and agility when you need to add or replace specific modules 
  • Allows you to jump-start your composable journey without the heavy workload and risk
  • A solution that is shared with others brings best practice learnings and lower cost of ownership

Bespoke Composable Solution

  • Tailor-made for your organization’s unique needs
  • Unlimited possibilities to select and combine any modules you need
  • Requires technical know-how, time, and budget to select and connect all modules into one platform
  • A unique solution brings full flexibility but comes with a higher level of risk and cost


Our composed accelerator Avensia Excite consists of pre-integrated modules including best-of-breed solutions from commercetools and Contentful. Read more about Avensia Excite here.


Is Composable Commerce Right for Your Business?

With Composable commerce you can pick and choose which components best fit your business goals and KPIs. But the technology is only one part of composable commerce though. The business structure and mindset is crucial as well to get the most out of it. In this guide we help you assess the value of composable commerce to your business.

Gartner Predictions
for Composable Commerce by 2023:

80 %

faster implementation of new features

50 %

of new commerce capabilities will be deployed by API

30 %

of commerce organizations will need an API product manager

First-Hand Learnings from a Composable Commerce Success Project

When Nordic Nest started planning for their new e-commerce site, the ambitions were high. The goal: to deliver the best customer experience in the world. Together with Avensia, they formed a strong project team that immediately accepted the challenge. The results?

  • 6% increase in conversion rate just a few weeks after launch
  • 60% decrease in server response time from day 1
  • Deployment of new features on a weekly or even daily basis
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction within the Nordic Nest team

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We Have Chosen Avensia Excite

Avensia Excite

Get Started with Pre-Packaged Composable Commerce

Avensia Excite is your gateway to composable commerce. You’ll get a starter site that includes pre-connected components and best practice code packages. We’ve done the heavy lifting of researching, evaluating, and connecting the most important modules so that you quickly can enjoy the benefits of a composable setup:

  • Quickly test and deploy new functionality custom to your specific business needs
  • Adapt and scale systems as you grow your business
  • Benefit from continuous improvements and innovations without the need for upgrades or re-platforming projects


Avensia Excite is a best-of-breed solution built on the commercetools and Contentful platform. As partners, we offer a complete e-commerce infrastructure for the future of retail.

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