Faster and better user experience

User experience matters more than ever

  • A 100 milliseconds delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates with 7%. 
  • A two-second delay in web page load time increase bounce rates by 103%
  • 53 % of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load

Storefront Nitro is the framework that is used by some of the most demanding e-commerce sites in the Nordics, including Lyko, NA-KD, KICKS, Filippa K, Menigo, Scandinavian Photo and Polarn o Pyret. Storefront Nitro is the result of more than 100, 000 development hours and is constantly improved in close collaboration with our customers, with a strong focus on innovation based on changing consumer demands. In modern commerce, consumer demands are always related to performance and user experience.

Performance & strong mobile focus

Performance is not king – perceived performance is

Perceived performance is about how fast users achieve their goals, which doesn't have to correlate to server response times. If a site doesn't feel fast, it doesn't matter what technical performance tools say, it's simply not good enough. You can have a great score in performance tests on your category page and product page, but if the user experience of navigating between them is bad, if the page jumps or the scroll position isn't correct when navigating, customers will get put off.

With good UX design and some clever engineering, sites can feel faster than what raw response times say. That way you make perceived performance less reliant on technical performance, which is of course better for your customers.  We use different strategies to ensure that the user experience isn’t tightly coupled to the state of the network connection. The innovative architecture speeds up response times and makes the mobile site stable, even when the network is unstable, e.g. on a train or on a bus.

Thoroughly battle-tested components

Storefront Nitro is a framework built on thoroughly battle tested components from frontrunner companies such as Microsoft and Facebook. These components have been glued together so that they work as one coherent solution. 

Performance is at the heart of the whole stack of components, from the software packages included, to how we work with the search index, to how data is sent to the client and how the client is architected, to how data is loaded from data sources. It uses the latest browser technologies to ensure the application is resilient against slow and spotty networks. By using these technologies, browsers such as Google Chrome prompts the user to add the app to the home screen, making it feel like a full-fledged mobile app. 

The solution is hosted in Episerver DXC, which is a cloud service on top of Azure. It utilizes Azure Web Apps to ensure availability and scalability. 

Faster time to market for complex projects 

Early focus on customer experience rather than on technical components 

Storefront Nitro Starter Package consists of pre-built integrations, APIs, starter site, and user stories with test criterias. The pre-built starter site works as a true project accelerator -  it shows all out-of-the box features, which can be used as a foundation for efficient discovery workshops with a fit/gap approach. This allows for early focus on customer experience and value rather than technology. 

The starter site is delivered as source code that can be customized to optimize business value. When using the Starter site as a basis for your e-commerce project you can copy and paste Best practices from other projects in your specific e-commerce site setup.

Storefront Nitro - a sustainable foundation for high-quality modern commerce 

  • Strong focus on smooth customer experiences and usability - Storefront Nitro is built using advanced UI technology and is constantly developed in close collaboration with our customers and interaction designers in order to serve consumers with top notch experiences. 
  • Lower cost of ownership through shared packages that are continuously tested and updated.
  • Connects to a rich ecosystem of third-party products for content handling, product information management, search, payment, shipping, customer relations and marketing.  

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