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Change management

Supporting people and processes

Digital support is often an afterthought. The retail world is rightly focusing on digitalization. Yet the people and processes that sit underneath all that change are too often overlooked. Our strategic advisors are digital culture experts – ensuring every part of your business supports your digital goals.

Motivating digital support

Ensuring people and processes drive – instead of deter – digital change

Omnichannel retail is expanding rapidly. E-commerce is an increasingly integral part of all retail operations. With this shift, organizations are facing some of their biggest and most fundamental changes. People and processes must unite to support digital change.

New skills, behaviors, processes and perspectives are essential. But old habits die hard. Creating a company culture of digital support that bridges where you are and where you need to be is challenging. But it’s a challenge you must be meet if you want to modernize successfully.

We’re here to help – ensuring digital support and providing interim support as needed. With vast and varied digital transformation projects under our belt, we’re extremely experienced in digital support for retail.

Typically, we solve digital support challenges such as:

  • Cultural change – how to manage each department through dramatic digital change
  • In-store behavior – how to train and provide incentive for in-store staff to bridge the gap between online and offline
  • New skills – how to train existing staff for digital change, and find the right people for these roles
  • Interim support and outsourcing support
  • How to ensure your processes are built for a new digital reality
  • How to build flexibility into your business culture so you’re able to keep changing and adapting
Case story - KICKS

A seamless experience for inspirational shopping

During the e-commerce project, Avensia worked closely with KICKS on the digital strategy, and have continuously acted as a strategic sounding board for the development of the omnichannel offer, including the in-store solutions.

Ready for digital change?

With experience from hundreds of digital commerce and business development projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

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