Customized modern commerce solutions

Modern commerce is all about delivering the right experience and offer - in the right context at the right time. The boundaries between digital and physical retail are fading, and our customer's challenges are to continuously prioritize and optimize their offers according to channels, in order to maximize business value and the value for their customers.

The e-commerce solution you choose sets the frame for the experiences you can offer your customers. The platform is also of great importance to the amount of administration required, the ability to integrate new systems and to scale up. An e-commerce platform should enable your business to realize ambitions, not limit them.

Avensia develops tailored e-commerce solutions with the best technology on the market, for B2B and B2C companies that are or have the ambition to be market leaders. We build our modern commerce on two platforms: 

Episerver Commerce, a platform that seamlessly integrates CMS with e-commerce systems.

commercetools a modular and cloud-native e-commerce platform, another alternative foundation for state-of-the-art digital commerce solutions with superior user experiences and retailer profitability

Storefront Nitro

 Storefront Nitro is the framework that is used by some of the most demanding e-commerce sites in the Nordics, including Lyko, NA-KD, KICKS, Filippa K, Menigo, Scandinavian Photo and Polarn o Pyret. In modern commerce, consumer demands are always related to performance and user experience. The innovative architecture speeds up response times and makes the mobile site stable, even when the network is unstable, e.g. on a train or on a bus.

Storefront Nitro is the result of more than 100, 000 development hours and is constantly improved in close collaboration with our customers, with a strong focus on innovation based on changing consumer demands. Read more about our customers who are using the combination Episerver plus Storefront Nitro.

Avensia's products are the results of an innovative culture and close collaboration with our partners and customers. We offer future-proof solutions that enables faster and better customer experiences. Avensia's development teams are manufacturers of intelligent system glue - we connect top notch components and make them work efficiently together to create business value and great customer experiences. We take pride in the solid, qualitative architecture that serves as a foundation for our products, and enables our customers to use modern commerce solutions that are flexible and ready for the future. Read more about our products.

Strategies for modern commerce

Implementing technology is one thing. Creating a business model and an organization supported by digital tools is much harder. It requires new skills, new ways of working, new processes and new priorities. To secure long term success for our customers we provide advisory services. We employ top-level professionals within omnichannel commerce, marketing and digital transformation to help our customers get on ahead in their industry. Read more about Avensia's strategic business advisors

We’re well-versed in technology, sales strategy and company leadership, which makes us more than just an e-commerce provider; we are a long-term partner who can help your company in all areas of modern commerce. Our goal is to help our clients to the forefront of their industry, by continuously developing and optimising their e-commerce solutions, even after concluding a project. Read more about the services we offer.