Customized modern commerce solutions

The e-commerce solution you choose sets the frame for all function. The platform is of great importance to the amount of administration required as well as the ability to integrate new systems and scale up.

Avensia develops tailored e-commerce solutions with the best technology on the market, for B2B and B2C companies that are or have the ambition to be market leaders. We build our modern commerce solutions exclusively on Episerver Commerce, a platform that seamlessly integrates CMS with e-commerce systems.

We’re well-versed in technology, sales strategy and company leadership, which makes us more than just an e-commerce provider; we are a long-term partner who can help your company in all areas of modern commerce. Our goal is to help our clients to the forefront of their industry, by continuously developing and optimising their e-commerce solutions, even after concluding a project. Read more about the services we offer. 

Avensia's products are the results of an innovative culture and close collaboration with our partners and customers. We offer future-proof solutions that enables faster and better customer experiences. Read more about our products.