B2B Online Summit 2017

For the third consecutive year, B2B Online takes place in Stockholm. Sweden's largest meeting place for B2B digital commerce. Whether you belong to the industry for manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors, this is an event designed to provide new insights, inspire and build networks. This year will focus on interaction between participants.

The event will take place at the 19th of October and it will be held at Hotel Quality Globe in Stockholm. Businesses from several different types of industries are looking to find out what new trends are shaping the market, what technical innovations they will be investing in and how they can develop and streamline their business.

On stage, we will see several big names among the speakers such as best-selling author Bryan Eisenberg, famous for his in-depth analysis around Amazon. Cate Trotter, who is famous for her ability to lift people out of their usual mind-boxes to open up new business opportunities. We will also get acquainted with several interesting cases from companies such as Stenströms shirt manufacturer, food wholesaler Menigo, shipping company Stena Line, and many others.

Through a whole new concept of round table discussions, the conference will place a great focus on the interaction between visitors.

"If visitors just want to sit and listen, it's obviously okay, but we really want to take advantage of the unique opportunity we get when we bring together the sharpest brains of the B2B industry in one and the same space. Therefore, we will create a dialogue between the tables. The idea is that the concept will be fun and inspiring while giving visitors the opportunity to dig deeper into the aspects that they find more interesting while"- explains Anders Andersson, Marketing Manager at Avensia

The conference has a limited number of visitors. The sooer you book the better the chance to get a ticket. Link to tickets and more information can be found here