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An omnichannel solution that paves the way for global expansion

With modern e-commerce technology, Optimizely Commerce Cloud and the Avensia Nitro framework, Filippa K can serve customers online in the same spirit as in stores and products: Fast load times, intuitive navigation and a simple yet elegant design.   

Type of project:

E-commerce, Digital Strategy, UX design


Create an immersive brand experience online, on a scalable platform driving Filippa K's global expansion. 


Launch a modern multi-market commerce solution, designed for the modern consumer, ready for the future. 

The project

Keeping pace with the modern consumer

In just five months Filippa K's digital portal was revamped with new design and modern e-commerce technology. The new, fast site allows Filippa K to give their customers the same experience online, as they get in a Filippa K store, creating a true omnichannel commerce.

Filippa K visitors can sort by colour, price, size, popularity and new arrivals. Each product page has a list of recommended matching garments.  Multiple languages and customised recommendations, give customers a more personal shopping experience.

Today the Filippa K site supports six currencies and delivery to 70 countries. With the power of Avensia's dedicated development team behind them,  the fashion company is edging ever closer to its goal of being a global e-commerce company.

Avensia's e-commerce framework Avensia Nitro is a solid cornerstone for Filippa K's digital retail business, which is constantly growing. The framework enables Filippa K to adjust and scale their omnichannel offering and keep pace with customer expectations. The Nitro framework is used by several of Avensia's customers and is continuously developed, updated and tested,  keeping the quality high and cost of system ownership low.  Customers and consumers benefit from

  • unrivalled performance and fast load times
  • a stable e-commerce experience even when the network is poor, which is vital as most purchases are made by mobile phone
  • an app-like experience when browsing and shopping on a mobile or tablet
We are delighted with both the technical solution and our partner Avensia who enables us to give our customers a unique experience. We will continue to work closely together in further developing our website.
Filippa K case

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