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Improve Your CRM & Customer Retention

Customer loyalty is a lot more than just points, discounts and membership cards. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of your customer to build better customer experiences – experiences so good that your customers never want to shop with anyone else. We call this loyalty-driven commerce. And we’ve been doing it for decades.

We'll help reignite customer loyalty when it’s needed most

Customer loyalty drift is an inescapable reality as the average customer grows more and more fickle in the face of so many digital commerce options. 

In fact, around 3 in every 4 consumers are experimenting with new retailers. We think this represents an enormous opportunity for your business to refocus on customer loyalty.

Using proven methods and a partner network of market-leading loyalty solutions and platforms, we help retailers revitalize their customer loyalty strategy. It all begins with our experienced commerce advisors who assess your existing customer loyalty model and help shape a new one.

Typically, we’ll advise on:

  • Customer meetings and interactions
  • Goals and strategy
  • KPIs and analysis
  • Organization, competence and synergy
  • Concept and services
  • Customer platform and technology
  • Communication and channels

Unlock the potential hiding in your CRM

When it comes to building true customer loyalty, all the answers are in your CRM system.

A modern, robust CRM platform should allow you to master your data and turn it into sales. It should give you transparent, segmented, relevant information in real time to drive meaningful actions – like personalized communications and smartly timed discounts.

In reality, CRM systems don’t always do this. That’s where we can help. We have the technical capability and strategic knowledge to re-shape your CRM in a way that drives better experiences for your customers. The result: loyalty-driven commerce.

One option may be to modify your existing CRM system to produce better results. Or perhaps you’re ready for a new CRM platform that gives you the future-focused infrastructure you need to improve customer loyalty for years to come.

Our experts will find a loyalty and customer retention solution that fits your specific needs, whatever they may be. 

Case Study: From product focus to customer focus

With our expertise in Customer Experience and CRM, Avensia helped ÖoB with change management, customer surveys, analyses and concept development for the loyalty program. The first part of the journey shifted the company focus from the products to the customers.

Using Voyado to re-imagine your customer loyalty strategy

In devising CRM and loyalty solutions, we often work with Voyado, a world-leading platform that provides retailers with a unified customer database for tracking customer behavior. With data analysis, insights, prediction scores and campaign management, retailers can automate and personalize customer communication endlessly. 

Ready for loyalty driven commerce?

We are experts within the field of Customer Experience and Loyalty and together we have been helping companies build loyalty-driven commerce in an omni-channel context for decades.

Book a meeting with us and we will be happy to tell you more about the work we do and how we can help your company. Provide your contact information and we will be in touch very soon.