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Avensia PDF generator for inRiver gives companies the opportunity to create and manage technical data sheets, security sheets, declarations of performance and product sheets.


InRiver PIM

How to create a world class customer experience with PIM

PIM - Product Information Management

With the right combination of tools, skills and the right processes in place, you can turn complexity into simplicity. With one system that keeps all product information together in one single point of truth, administration of your product information can be simplified and efficient.

What is PIM? 

A Product Information Management (PIM) system provides a centralized hub to consolidate, manage, and enhance all of the information about your products. PIM solutions ensure an up-to-date, accessible, and accurate repository of everything that everyone needs to know about your products. PIM provides for the automated collection and distribution of accurate product information throughout your organization - most importantly to the sales, marketing and digital channels that need it most. PIM facilitates a great customer experience across all touchpoints.

How can a PIM system create ROI for your e-commerce?

The handling of product information is an important factor in the success of companies with many sales and marketing channels. How product information is handled can make or break your business. A good PIM system makes it possible to deliver consistent product information of high quality across all channels - web, print, mobile and in-store.

Many of our customers have high demands on their PIM system and require customised solutions. We at Avensia are experts at customising PIM. By analysing your company’s conditions, products and work processes we  can suggest and develop the optimal PIM solution for you. We can build everything from recipe calculators to construction planners, and we also offer consulting to help you with strategies and configurations to optimize your business.

Avensia works with inRiver PIM — one of the leading systems on the market.