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Is It Time to Audit Your PIM Setup?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a critical foundation for any commerce business. Yet, it is often treated as a one-off initiative. This is a huge mistake. Let Avensia’s expert team audit your PIM setup. We'll provide a tangible action plan that will help you get more out of your PIM investment.


Get More Value from Your PIM

Our PIM Audits Include:


Workshop to walk through your current PIM process, organization and technology


Expert evaluation conducted by our system-agnostic PIM advisors


Audit report with recommended next steps focused on optimizations to reduce TCO


End-to-end optimization suggestions to increase efficiency and reduce cost in the entire PIM process

Is Your PIM Process Set to Deliver Business Success?

During a PIM audit workshop our experienced team will ask you a range of questions to understand the current state of your PIM setup. Such as:

  • Is there duplicate work in your process, i.e. updating product information in multiple places?
  • Are you dependent on specific people to make the PIM process work?
  • Do you have legacy processes, data models or tools that limit overall efficiency?
  • Are there PIM use cases not covered by the data models you have in place?
  • Are there gaps in your current data hierarchies?
  • Are there uncertainties about ownership, roles and responsibilities, i.e. who does what when it comes to PIM?
  • Are you dependent on an external partner to develop and optimize your PIM setup?
  • Is there unused functionality in your PIM tool that you could benefit from?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions? Then, it’s time for a PIM audit with Avensia.

Avensia is an important partner for us. Their knowledge about the PIM solution and process has been critical to get the new PIM in place. The Avensia team has really made an effort to understand our business to adapt and configure the solution to best fit our needs.

Gustaf Johansson, CIO at Alligo

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Product range is critical for our success. Now we have the processes and technology in place to ensure high data quality. We can launch new products quickly and feel confident product information is always correct.

Hans Rofors, CTO, Apohem

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The collaboration with Avensia worked really well. Close and frequent communication have been the key to success, as well as having a partner who knows the PIM solution well, and a structured project

Ole Fredrik Strøm, Head of Logistics, Armaturjonsson

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10 Years of PIM Experience at Your Service

Data Processes, Models and Governance

At Avensia we know that a technology tool is just one piece of the product information management puzzle. A solid strategy, organization-wide processes, thorough data models and governance all play vital roles in a cost-effective PIM setup. And because the world of modern commerce is in constant change, your PIM needs ongoing adaptations and optimizations to stay relevant and support shifting business needs.

System Agnostic Advisors

While we have extensive implementation experience working with leading solution partners, our PIM expertise is system and vendor agnostic. Whatever tool or partner you’re currently using, we’ll conduct our PIM audit with a sole focus: your business value.

Let’s Talk PIM!

Is it time to review your PIM setup? Our PIM audit is a quick and cost-effective way to fine-tune and optimize your current processes and tools. So that you can get more value out of your PIM investment.

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