Byggmax innovative building planner

Byggmax, who are known for being at the forefront of their IT investments, has once again revolutionised the market. With the company's latest invention, the Building Planner, all customers can now easily design their own rooms directly on the website. With the push of a button, you get everything, including craftsmen ordered to your door if you wish.

It is not just an opportunity to design your room. The Building Planner calculates exactly how much material will be needed, as well as anything else needed and how much. It gives suggestions and calculates how much it would cost to hire a craftsman, with ROT-deduction. It is a one-stop shop for renovation that means the customer does not need to do more than just the fun part.
Behind the solution is Byggmax's e-commerce provider Avensia. The e-commerce expert company has been a supplier to Byggmax since the start of 2013 and has since worked hard to make Byggmax’s site to one of the market leaders.
"This is a prime example of innovation at its best. It's a really great commission we have implemented with Byggmax. We are pleased to be able to create innovative solutions to problems that people encounter in their everyday lives. Byggmax is to be commended for being one of Sweden's most innovative companies and a great client to work with. " - Jörgen Bertilsson, VP Global Sales at Avensia
With the Building Planner the customer has the possibility to choose amongst the shop's large range of products and combine them to get a good idea of what the room will look like when finished. It has the full cost of renovation in one place and makes sure the customer will not forget details, such as foam underlay or wood glue for the floor.
Try the Building Planner here.