Web design

Web design for e-commerce

The design of an e-commerce website can be decisive for whether the visitor will make a purchase or not. The e-commerce needs to maintain aesthetic appeal whilst being simple and practical. Design for e-commerce mainly refers to UX design and interaction design.

At Avensia we see the importance of web design and we perform meticulous operations analytics in order to set a clear goal for our clients. We compile and discuss several alternatives on Wireframes with designs for different interfaces before we go all in on a web design that is both good looking and functional.

Our interaction designers work consistently with consumer analysis, wireframes and interactions amongst other things to create a responsive design that sees to the target group’s needs. In close collaboration with our clients we develop a design solution that leads to conversion and increased sales. In some cases, we also develop graphic design for pages and style guides in order to help our clients build their brand

Avensia works with modern technology tools that make it possible for us to develop the best solutions for different experiences. We put a lot of effort into optimising the design of our clients’ website for both desktop and mobile. Our design solutions enable the creation of limitless experiences for both.