"We really loved the idea"


About Lyko

Lyko operates in the beauty industry and sells products both online and in stores. The company currently has 37 stores and over 500 employees.

Lyko’s challenge

Together with Avensia, Lyko has done two large Episerver eCommerce projects. The first project contained many customized adjustments and Lyko chose to wait with upgrades. Finally, they had to do a major upgrade which resulted in a groundbreaking site.

"Avensia said that we could do a simple upgrade and make the site much better, or we could do something really exceptional. We loved the idea. We realized that this was going to be really good, and that it would give us a major leap in the market from our competitors, "explains André Ihlar, Head of Marketing at Lyko.

Lyko got a real boost with SCOPE, Avensia’s new framework for eCommerce.

"Something that is completely groundbreaking with our new site is the SCOPE technology that makes it extremely fast. But it is also the social part that we just launched, "says Rickard Lyko, Head of eCommerce at Lyko.

Lyko’s ambition is to digitize a lot more and they believe that their new platform will be the foundation for that. It will be their competitive advantage in the future and they believe that Avensia will continue to be an important partner in helping them reach their goals.

"Avensia manages all the development and they also come up with many of the ideas," explains Rickard


Lyko has been awarded the following prizes:

Best eCommerce of the year 2016

Peoples Chioce – Best web



Mobile: +21%
Desktop: +20%
Tablet: +8.5%


Pageviews: +70%
Pages  per session: +62%


Avg. Order Value +0.5%
Transactions: +17%
Increased sales: +17%