Transform your POS into an active sales tool

Storefront Modern Pay (POS)

Too many POS systems are passive checkouts. Yet POS can do so much more. Storefront Modern Pay POS is an active sales tool that increases order value and conversions. Designed to fit seamlessly into your omnichannel ecosystem, this is truly modern pay for POS.

Active POS solutions

Customer-oriented POS that’s easy to integrate

Storefront Modern Pay is a POS solution that makes a difference.

Designed to be an active sales tool, this is POS that helps you improve both customer experience and loyalty.

Integrated easily within your e-commerce and wider commerce ecosystem, our POS solution is customizable and very flexible. We’ve purpose-built it to adapt to the latest changes in POS, modern pay concepts, and the wider retail landscape.

Other key POS features and benefits include:

  • Product information and recommendations at POS to support sales process, loyalty, staff knowledge and quality assurance
  • Implementation based on your brand, supporting new business models and revenue streams
  • Complete flexibility in relation to store design, technical requirements and hardware
  • Low-cost implementation and rapid concept adaptation to support nimble models like pop-ups
  • Cloud-based and API-driven POS design

Empower your staff

This is truly omnichannel POS that integrates perfectly with our other in-store, e-commerce and data management solutions.

Storefront Modern Pay POS can play an important role in creating better customer journeys and empower your staff to build better relationships with customers through POS.

Ready for a POS system that makes difference?

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