In-store display to awaken your screens

Store Displays

The secret to our store display solution is its ingenious simplicity. Using an employee’s or customer’s own phone, you can turn any in-store screen into a fully customizable, touch-free, interactive display. Minimal investment for maximum store display experiences.

Interactive display

Control your store display screens from a smartphone

Our store display solution connects a screen to a user’s smartphone through a simple QR code. No app required. This interactive display solution is entirely web-based – controlled either by a customer or staff member via their own smartphone.

It’s a slick, simple, hardware-free way of creating brilliant omnichannel experiences for your customers.

With low investment and real flexibility, this touch-free display technology is perfect for a retailer interested in testing the waters of modern store display.

Store display use cases could include:

  • Staff taking over a store display screen to show customers detailed product info, reviews, related products and shelf location
  • Customers taking over the store display screen with their mobile phone to view a product in more detail, product reviews, video content, or different colors and models
  • Seasonal inspiration and campaigns
  • Tutorials, trends, gamification
Storefront Modern pay

Transform your POS into an active sales tool

The Storefront Modern Pay in-store solution is next-generation POS. Supporting your existing e-commerce ecosystem, it turns your in-store POS into an active sales tool rather than passive checkout. By boosting in-store customer experience, it increases average order value and loyalty.

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